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I wanna talk about vacuums, so I made this thread to talk about all household type things.

I have a vacuum right now. It’s the canister vacuum we bought when we moved to Beacon way back in the day. It works. It vacuums. I still have all the attachments except for one. That one would be the pet hair vacuum thing that was destroyed by Rym hair.

The problem with the vacuum is that it is too big for my tiny apartment. It takes up a lot of space in my closet, that I would really like to reclaim. Also, it is mostly designed to clean carpet. I don’t have any carpet. It’s not so great at cleaning hard wood floors, which I do have. Lastly, this vacuum requires bags. I am on my last bag. I’m sure I can get more bags on Amazon, but it’s still annoying.

I am thinking of trying to sell this thing and buying a replacement. But if I replace a thing that works, I have to be getting a major upgrade. I need something that is much smaller, cordless, requires no bags, and good at cleaning my hard floors.

I would get a robot, but I do not think it would do well in my tiny apartment with so many obstacles in it. The area it could actually successfully clean is quite small.

I also looked at the very popular Dyson options. They are definitely very overpriced. They do sell older cheaper ones that are less powerful, but only the top of the line v8 model comes with the hardwood floor attachment. Of course. This thing is like $500+ Holy shit.

The thing is, when I looked around, I couldn’t really find anything else. Maybe they get away with charging such ludicrous prices because they have no competition?

Should I just get some bags and keep the crappy vacuum, or is there some other option?

We have a tiny hand vacuum with a cord. It’s a little over a foot long. Only used on the rugs and couches.

I need something to clean the whole floor.


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If you have literally no carpet or rug coverage, just sweep. You can mop or use a Swiffer afterwards.

Option 2: you could buy the fancy-as-fuck vaccuum that Nuri picked out for our wedding registry. It’s a fucking Cylon, I swear. But it’s super awesome. Of course, the need for it is much less since we only have that one weird-ass rectangle of carpet in our house.

I’ve got two vacuums, a little Dyson handheld (A dyson shark, I think?) that handles much of the day to day stuff(sucking up floor sweepings, doing corners, cornices, cleaning the cars, etc) and a big, powerful industrial unit with a serious HEPA and particulate filter and a wide-bore hose that’s mostly used for the embroidery shop(Seriously, it needs cleaning weekly, you wouldn’t believe the amount of dust and shit that embroidery generates), and any jobs the little one can’t handle. I’ve been contemplating fucking it off in favor of a wet/dry shop vac with better power and a similar filter system, but bagless. Seriously, bags are a pain in the arse.

[quote=“thewhaleshark, post:6, topic:647”]
If you have literally no carpet or rug coverage, just sweep. You can mop or use a Swiffer afterwards.
[/quote]You would be fucking stunned at how many people don’t know how to sweep or mop properly.

Sweeping and mopping is hard work. Vacuuming is easier, less time consuming, and more effective. Also, you can’t sweep and mop your couch, or your window sill,

My mom has a Rainbow water filter vacuum that is basically a giant electric powered bong. It’s great on pretty much every surface but is ridiculously expensive and you have to empty the water every time you use it.

I sweep every day and mop every 3 days. Takes about 5 minutes to fully sweep and about 10 minutes to fully mop.

I have a Dirt Devil Pro. It requires no bag, has a decent cord reach (add an extension you might have lying around and you can really get a whole room), and does the job nicely.


I had one of those years ago. Don’t bother with them. They don’t clean shit. They’re better as a cat toy than a cleaning appliance.

Robots have only one use

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Number one thing you need to know about robot vacuums.

TLDR; Roomba finds dog poop, horror ensues.

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I have a roomba set to run every other day in the living room because it’s the largest room in the house and the least likely to have wet stuff on the floor. It’s not much of a time saver after factoring in cleaning it once a week, but it will run if I’m not home or whatever, which is nice. Probably not worth it.

Sweeping covers the rest of the house. I do need to get a small handheld vacuum for couches and stuff, as is I bring in my shopvac which is excessive and awkward (4.5HP 8 Gal). Any suggestions?

Smaller shop vac? One of those 1.5 gallon ones?

My apartment originally had all CFL when I moved in in late 2009. Over time I have replaced 3 dead CFL with LED bulbs. I got this one because it was the highest rated on Amazon at the time.

Recently Rym bought a two pack of bulbs, but only needed one, so he gave me the other one. It’s this guy.

This is 100W equivalent and has a 5000K color temperature. I put it in my main lamp, replacing an LED bulb that was 60W equivalent and 2700K temperature. I really like the different color temperature, but I’m not sure if I genuinely like it, or if I just like it because I like changing things. I definitely do like that it is brighter, though. That will help a lot when it comes to photo/video, and also it feels dark even with all the lights on.

Still, I feel like it is bad and wasteful to replace my still-working CFLs. They are quite old, but they don’t get much use because I’m not home enough to use them up. Is it OK to replace them, or wasteful extravagance?

I also noticed that Amazon sells this other bulb that is also 100W equivalent and 5000K for almost exactly the same price per bulb. It does use less actual watts of power. Is this a better bulb than the one Rym gave me? Maybe I should go with these instead?

If you don’t have carpet and you are not (1) severely allergic to dust mites and (2) asthmatic, the fancy-as-fuck vacuum that Nuri picked out is serious overkill. For me it was not overkill. I can now breathe while vacuuming and during the 30-60 minutes after, and it does a good job picking up the allergens and preventing dust buildup in squishy things, so it was worth it.

Scott, just get a brush & dustpan, a Swiffer duster, and a Swiffer wet-jet. If you have no carpet, that will be fine for your tiny square footage. Use the brush for anything too big to stick to the Swiffers. Those things are easier to use than any vacuum that will clean hard floors sufficiently. That’s why they were invented. You just have the trade-off of contributing more to landfills. If you want to use a vacuum exclusively, then you need one with good enough coverage/suction/seal that you don’t need to wipe the floors down afterward. Have fun finding that in a cordless machine.

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I bought the second newest upright Dyson a few years ago, didn’t look back, deals with cat hair and dust, carpets, rugs and tiled floors fine.

On tiles I still vacuum then steam mop.

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The correct answer is to never vacuum or dust. When your apartment gets dirty, move.


My friend does something like that. I found a shower curtain full of black mold in his apartment when I visited.

Don’t worry, I made him throw it away and bought a new one.