Hearthstone: Face is the Place


On the list of things I’d never imagine in my wildest dreams: T-Pain and Hearthstone.


Ice Block - going to hall of fame
Coldlight Oracle - hall of fame
Molten Giant - hall of fame and returning to 20 mana cost

quests will be easier to complete and pay out more.



tl;dr craft golden (or non golden if you don’t have them) iceblock, coldlight oracle and molten giant, tomorrow, they will just give you the dust they DE to, then you can DE them again, netting you a profit in dust.


There’s no way to really scam a lot of free dust if you already own the cards non-golden and plan on keeping them after rotation. I’ll just do nothing and collect the free dust.

What decks are people excited to play? I am definitely going to try the odd hunter so I can go FACE.

I’m also definitely playing the thief rogue. There are 3-4 new cards to support that archetype. Bless RNG.


I’m spike through and through, I’ll wait a week for the the best few decks to surface and craft them.


Warlock it is. At least until nerfs come down.


Either they changed the RNG, or the RNG blessed me on the pack opening.


With just the pre-order and packs bought with gold I have 10 legendaries, 3 are golden. Crafted Baku the Mooneater with dust.


How about that Shudderwock? Guess I’ll be playing in the arena only until they fix that shit.


LOL, I got all the cards, but I am losing all the games.


I counted in like ~90 packs i got exactly 7 legionaries. I’m not gonna play yet though.

  1. I wanna craft decks on the top. (I pulled shudderwock, is he borked?)
  2. I am sick, and feel like eating soup and watching movies more than stuff that makes me think.


Shudderwock is only borked because his animations take forever. Otherwise he’s not really an evil combo. It’s very slow to pull off. much less oppressive than the OTKs of the past.


Bringing the world together. Feels good.

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Ben Brode, the leader of the Hearthstone dev team quit Blizzard today.

That sucks for Hearthstone. I don’t know how much he contributed game-wise, but he was the charismatic, fun, and public face of the game. They have attempted to show us other members of the team, and they are not nearly as exciting.

That being said, today is also my last day at my job. I’m feeling bleh because it is the first time I have left a job that is good and that I didn’t actually want to leave. I’ve also had the job for 9 years. But if BBrode can quit Blizzard and be OK, then me leaving this job is no big deal.


Time to go work for Brode’s new company


It won’t be in New York.


For real, he’s one of the people on my very short list of “watch where they end up.”


If they were smart, you know who’d snatch him up ASAP? WotC. Put him on the Arena team.


New expansion is all mad scientist action. I love the card that just draws your whole deck. Can’t wait to see how it can be abused.


They just announced pre-release parties for the new expansion. There is one in NYC on August 4 frrom 12pm-4pm.

Anyone want to go so I don’t have to play against some weird kids? Can bike on over right after summer streets starts to get too busy.

The new expansion actually seems like it’s gonna be good. Because of the theme and some of the cards I’ve seen, I’m more excited about this expansion than the previous ones.