Hearthstone: Face is the Place


I may actually go, bring a friend as well so I don’t have to rely on you to not play with some weird kids.

I’ll speak to my friends later and see.


Whizbang to legend challenge is GO.


Looks like I’m gonna head there, during the early part of the event, around 1 depending on Metro North. Maybe see ya there. Can’t stay too long though as too much other cool stuff in the city to do.


Just want to say that while I’m waiting for Boomsday I am playing some OTK Paladin. It is way fun, and has a > 50% winrate. It works so well because it has just enough healing/armor to stay alive long enough to setup the OTK. Most of the meta are playing control, and warlocks and druids play lots of low attack taunts to build a wall. Even against aggro you got a lot of board clears with pyro/equality/consecrate.

So you use zola or a brewmaster to put one of the four horsemen in your hand. Then you just keep playing. Maybe you can get two more horsemen in your hand, and then you can win. If not, you got the blackwald pixie. Almost all of my wins are with the pixie. People foolishly leave just one horseman alive on board thinking I can’t get three more all at once. I play one that I zola’d (2), another with hero power (4) the pixie (7) and one more hero power (9). That’s three more horsemen plus the one that was on board, and I win.

Nothing is more satisfying than an opponent with a shitton of health and armor behind a wall of taunts just lose instantly.


Guess I’m not going to that Hearthstone event. I thought it was the kind of thing where you just show up and hang out, but apparently it was a ticketed thing. Due to the rain, can’t bike either. Just chilling inside today.


You didn’t miss much. whole thing ended up being a waste of time.


Details please.


So I went there, it was hot and there was a little sign taped on the door saying tweet at them or comment on their facebook or instagram to be buzzed in. I’m sure It’ll fall on deaf ears but I cannot stress how much this part sucked, there was no shade in that door and it seemed like the gentleman who eventually let me in took an eternity.

Get in, $5 at the door and give your name and email to be spammed offers for the place. Get in and a ask a person working there for the details to get on the specific wifi set up for this event which gets you into the fireside gathering. The wifi was superfast and I downloaded the entire patch in about 2 minutes at something like 70mbps over the air to my phone. I think there was a game on the wall that was being streamed from the couch or something.

Once in the tavern brawl the thing opens up and you have access to two new game modes, one allows you to construct a deck using only basic cards and cards from the new xpac (if you have any, I didn’t) and the other was labelled brawl (which I assumed was a special brawl for this fireside gathering, more details on that in a minute). In both instances selecting the option presents you with a list of usernames of presumably other people connected to this wifi and you have to send challenges by username. I tried going through the whole list and was declined every time for both options.

Then I received a challenge and what match do I find myself in? Just a regular, this weeks tavern brawl, rogue vs rogue and every spell summons a minion of the same cost. No boomsday cards.

I was in a rush to leave as I arrived at the door at like 2:00 and had somewhere else to be (only like a street over) at 2:30. So that’s the only match I managed to get in. I got no rewards of any kind that I can see for having played in that match.

It seemed like there was stuff to buy on a small table, but nobody was like ‘manning’ the table so I dunno. There was probably food at one point but I just saw a bunch of empty pizza boxes stacked up in the trash. There were a bunch of tables set up and people were sitting at them and a few rooms with glass walls people were sitting in presumably doing things.

The guy said something about there being a tournament going on but I didn’t have time for that so I didn’t really listen to the details. There were also ‘side events’ but being as I was so strapped for time I also didn’t pay attention to those as they announced them over the mic. I just chilled on the couch and watched the lady next to me drawing Jaina with a large amount of skill as I was repeatedly declined on my attempts to participate in this event on a tight timetable.

2/10, would not go again.

If you have any questions I’ll happily answer to the best of my ability.



Hearthstone players: Not pre-ordering. Meta is stale. Streamers are abandoning ship. Viewers are down. Players are down. RIP this game.

Blizzard: Hold our collective beers.



Anybody want to do the 500 friend quests?