Hearthstone: Face is the Place


Call me when there’s an Overwatch card game.


Just reskin Frag.


Blizzard sent out an email to tell me some of my statistics from the month. It said I’d played players in 41 countries! And that my hunter deck was best against priest. Astounding!


I have completed 4 of the 9 classes with this new single player mode and I am still enjoying the fuck out of it.


I am also at 4/9.

I had really memorable successful runs as Priest and Rogue.

As Priest I was able to pick C’Thun cards every single time. I had two actual C’Thuns. Most importantly, I had the ability that makes all minions cost no more than 5. In the final battle against Togwaggle I dropped a 30+ C’Thun and it almost did enough damage to win. I think it was 2 off. Next turn he played the card that makes all minions randomly choose a new side of the board. OH FUCK. Giant C’Thun betrayed me and I was gonna lose. I forget what it was, but I top-decked a card that finished him off before that C’Thun could attack me.

As Rogue I chose the treasures for double battlecry AND double deathrattle. I chose Jade (almost?) every single time. I had 3 copies of Aya, At least 4 Jade Swarmers and Jade Spirits. There were just so many large green men. The final boss was the beholder rip-off. I completely dominated. Every opponent was basically no more difficult than the wee whelp. Just fill a board with Jades, and nothing could even make me sweat.

My Mage and Paladin wins were much more difficult. I’m working on the other classes still.


Permanent stealth has won me a few key matches. Throw down some heavy hitters and race to the finish. I actually had King Togwaggle or whatever his name is deploy 7 boom bots early on, and then they had nothing to attack to set off their explosions, and it locked up his board. It was me vs his 7 damage every turn.

So far I did Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, and Hunter. Shaman was absolutely the hardest. In the end I won that one by taking Murlocs every single time, along with the quest, and getting the right upgrades (permanent stealth again).

I like that there is a ton of variety in the game. I have seen unique bosses on my third and fourth classes already. The first two runs I ever had, I got wrecked in round 7 by the room of traps, then I didn’t see it again until several runs into my 3rd class.


Permanent Stealth is a double edged sword because NOW YOUR FACE HAS TAUNT.

Has anyone ever gotten the treasure room? I haven’t seen that or the trap room.

I’ve also never beaten the stupid dragon boss with the treasure hoard. What are you supposed to do against it?


I got treasure room once. I had a very rough hand and only beat one chest.

I have beaten the dragon hoard once or twice. The one time I remember was today when I won with Rogue. I had permanent stealth and double +1/+1, and no real synergy other than a very good loadout of 2/3/4 cost minions that I kept coming. I also had “draw 3 cards which cost 0” spell which was clutch. It was still a close fight.





Really, the biggest crime is that Patches is no longer in charrrrrge. It’s ok to nerf the card, but you can’t nerf the jokes! Come on!


Fuck yeah, never went raza, rewarded. Also just dust them. hell bonemare is a common, so theoretically you probably dusted like 10 of those. They will be dustable at 40 dust each in the near future. I surely dusted mine at a mere 5 feelsbadman.


I don’t dust. I always end up using those cards to play a wild tavern brawl or just plain old wild.


You don’t dust when you have 3 of a card? Just sitting on 10 of every common?


Oh, I do that every time I open packs. I just don’t ever go below 2, even when there’s a nerf.


What I’m trying to say is that every time threre’s a nerf the cards are dustable at full crafting cost, so if you WERE sitting on 10 bonemares, that’s 400 dust right there.

I find the perverse incentive interesting with hearthstone, theoretically they motivate players to never dust anything ever lest it be nerfed., this happened when they nerfed ironbeak owl and I was a bit butter watching my friends dust all 15 (down to 2) and get all that sweet sweet dust.


Sure, but how much dust in Alarm-o-Bots are they just sitting on just in case it gets nerfed one day?


Probably too much, which is why I also dust. However, the middle ground would theoretically be, find the cards you think they’ll nerf and never dust them, dust everything else. Though that takes too much time curating and you lose the dust everything button forever


I just push the blue button and move on with my life.


Jade Druid still truckin’.


There is a contest you enter by doing your quests every day. (you can also enter by mailing in postcards). Someone is going to win 3k packs. Basically, enough dust to be set for awhile.

They are also selling a 30 pack bundle, 10 each from the last 3 sets, for $20. If you’re a person who is willing to spend more than $0 on this game, that’s the best deal I’ve seen.


I might, but what I’m hearing of MTG Arena sounds like my kinda thing, so I’m hesitent to spend more money on a different Money: The Wasting if I’m just gonna be playing Arena in a year.