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The people who do this are typically the people who do nothing BUT consume. As soon as someone creates or does something, that overrides all parts of their identity based on consumption.

The moral of the story is that the best way to avoid basing your identity on the media you consume is to make something. Literally anything, regardless of quality. Just make it.


Fine, but don’t take pleasure in the sadness and anger of others, regardless of why. That’s like basic human empathy 101.


I cannot bring myself to be empathetic toward people who are mega-mad that video game being announced isn’t the one they wanted.


People who get this mad at trivial shit like this are also the same kind of people who harass women in the industry/community for merely existing.


I’m glad you’ve gone from finding pleasure in the anger and sadness of others to making overly broad generalizations and stereotypes without evidence.

The level of discourse on this topic has cratered rapidly… I’m out.



This too is “delicious schadenfreude.”


Says the guy who is making so little sense that even the people who agree with him are telling the rest of us to ignore his comments.

Congratulations on being rendered irrelevant to the conversation.


I thought you said “I’m out.”


Just learned something that is a somewhat valid complaint that nobody here brought up.

The mobile Diablo takes place between Diablo II and III. If you’re into the lore, you’re going to have to play that mobile version to get it. If the mobile game is not the kind of thing you want to play, that kind of sucks.

Like, imagine if the next canon Star Wars episode wasn’t a movie, but was a pay 2 win mobile slot machine game.


That appears to be the opening to the bigger story, a LOT of mobile games are in the works.


Like the 1996 multimedia event Shadows of the Empire?


The very same!


It’ll be on Wikia within a day.


The reason I’m so deeply unsympathetic is that this is gomergate-adjacent. It’s the same attitude, the same mindset, the same people (to an extent).

This is why “gamers” were the test balloon for a new wave of right-wing radicalism. Because they so reliably react like this.


I full-throatedly and completely agree with this statement. The reaction to the Diablo mobile game announcement, the entitlement, the sense of being “disrespected” by a press release or a company’s PR strategy is indistinguishable from the ridiculous outrage that finally boiled over in 2014.


Not canon anymore!


The only thing that’s negative about the Diablo: Immortal announcement is that it’s not made by Blizzard, but by NetEase who have LOTS of knock-off titles. It feels rather cheap. Other than that, I have no sympathy for gamers who are willing to burn Blizzard to the ground for Diablo when you can enjoy so much else what Blizzard does. There’s no point in going to Blizzcon for just announcements since many of them get exposed even before the official announcement. Even popular streamers will dismiss the point of the “Blizzcon E-Ticket” since those are just like watching glorified trade show announcements.

And as @Rym hit on, this is so gomergate adjacent in reactionary dialogue. Gamers don’t want to think gamers can be too reactionary. Gamers only want blame games journalism for turning this into scandal to “ruin the reputation of gamers.” Gamers are even mad that by accepting this mobile game that you somehow accept bad business practices like micro-transactions (Oh gee, like Blizzard never did that before). I would be more sympathetic to this really questionable business decisions, but I feel like gamers care far more about their entitlement and image than if they are actually getting fleeced. They can just…not buy the game and move on.

Oh yeah, I also forgot. You know who a bunch of the angry Diablo consumers were rallying behind? Mark Kern. CEO of the defunct Red 5 who talked to lots of reactionaries about being pro-Gamergate.


Oh, for sure. I’m confident this game won’t be worth playing in any capacity.


I know I said I as done with this thread, but you do realize that you just undercut pretty much your entire argument.

If the announcement of the mobile Diablo game had been leaked before BlizzCon, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now.

Overall though, I don’t see why both sides can’t be “right” here. Can’t we all agree that this was a stupid and badly mishandled PR move on Blizzard’s part to announce the game at BlizzCon in front of that audience? Can’t we also all agree that if you’re a huge Diablo fan, this announcement might have justifiably upset and disappointed you? Yes, the Diablo fans overreacted, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to be upset at all.

No one here is defending the level of rage that’s the result of this announcement.