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I don’t think it was justified. They assumed things about an old property. This was at most a minor sour note on an otherwise great convention for them. Blizzcon has a ton of content about all of Blizzard’s other properties. If they honestly flew there primarily for Diablo, I stand by considering them to be deeply foolish.


I think you’re overestimating what I mean by upset. By upset I mean, grumble a bit on Twitter that it’s not what you wanted and move on with the fun con stuff.


Eh, Going to Blizcon for one game and one game only isn’t really that unusual. At different points in my life I was a huge fan of WoW and Starcraft and would have attended Blizzcon for just that game at that time.

I’ve never cared enough about Diablo to go to Blizzcon over it but I don’t doubt my compliment exists out there.


Going for a game that isn’t actively available is pretty silly. This isn’t like going there for Overwatch.

This would be like having gone to “Valvecon” this year for Half Life 3. This would be like going to said “Valvecon” for Team Fortress two years before TF2 came out.


on the topic of Roll and Writes, and mixing with Between Two Cities, I submit: Between the Sheets

Let’s Make a Bus Route is a shared-board roll and write, and it’s done very well.


I’m designing this game over the holidays.




Don’t base your identity on the media you consume.


Oh you meant just for like one annoucement? Then yeah that’d be unwise, but that was covered already in “dont just go for an advertisement”

I meant it’s ok to only really be a fan of Wow, or Starcraft or Diablo and still attend Blizzcon. Then you go only to consume that game related content.


This is the most valuable and important advice I have for most people I encounter in any fandom.


We could pivot this into an entire thread about how video game publishers have been selling “gamer” as an identity for decades to sell more games, and now we’re living in the world created by that strategy.


It’s bad and gross. “Gamers” are a scourge.


Considering the dumpster fire that Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius mobile games were. I’d be very leery of any modern franchise trying to reinvent themselves as a mobile game.

You don’t want to create a monetary model where you have to spend $5 per 20 minutes of actual gameplay. Especially when most mobile games are basically digital baseball card collections playing the same animation over and over again.


Except it isn’t.

Diablo’s mobage is to Diablo what Pokemon GO is to Pokemon.

The people who are mad are the people who would go to Nintendocon for a perceived “Pokemon announcement” only to find out it’s Pokemon GO. It’s an entirely parallel game targeted at casual players that happens to be branded with some existing IP.

Pokemon GO didn’t destroy or replace Pokemon. It’s a kind of garbagey game that I deleted and will never play again. But regular Pokemon still exists just fine.


I used to say I was a gamer in the same way I’d say I am a writer or an anime fan and such. Now I just say I like video games.


Which goes back to our point. Casual players would not go to NIntendocon. Only hardcore Pokemon players would. As a result, the announcement of Pokemon go would upset the hardcore players. Nintendo should know better that Nintendocon wasn’t the appropriate venue to announce the game, and that hardcore Pokemon players are not the intended audience.


Gamer babies being mad at announcements is some of the most delicious schadenfreude.


To elaborate on this, I had a fucking great time seeing people seething with rage over the fact that their beloved bullshit leak for Smashing Brothers New was fake and that Piranha Plant was the big fighter announcement.


The amount of condescension and general lack of empathy in this thread, and in your comments specifically, is very distasteful.

Personally, I try not to find enjoyment in the rage and disappointment of others, even if I disagree with them.


Don’t get mad at video games.