Flowers are no joke. I could see a thread about Wisterias going wild very fast.


Best invasive plant joke right here!


I once let a plantain get to ripe before I put it in a massaman curry. It ended with banana-flavoured curry which was a happy accident I would like to repeat.


There are some cherry guavas currently getting ripe between my house and my train station. I am plotting to scrump them. Guavas are awesome.


Plums. Plums are a fruit that I never think about until someone offers me one, them I remember “oh that’s right, plums are flipping great!” Even though they’re not as juicy or flavorful as peaches, I personally much prefer their flavor. Plus, being smaller and less juicy, you don’t have to change your shirt or ring out your beard afterwards like you do with peaches (that might just be me).


I have a similar reaction to ripe pears.


PLUMS! Oh man something about the skin of a plum. Over and above the flavour of the fruit which is amazing, the skin is just the right amount of sour and just makes the plum. I love me some plums!


Plums are great, but prunes are better.


Prunes are OK. I may have a prune from the fridge if I see them I may not. Unlike plums where if I feel there’s a bit of give in that skin, it’s get in mah belleh time!


Nope. You are simply wrong. Prunes are okay (if you really need fiber in a sickly sweet package), but a ripe black plum is delicious.


Thank you for reminding me about plums. I was just in a supermarket getting some supplies and lunch, and bought myself four plums. I have already eaten two and nom nom nom.


I actually kinda like both prunes and plums equally. They’re very different and so hit different needs.

Fresh dates are fucking weird. Dates and figs are the two fruits that I adamantly prefer in dried form.


Dried figs (or crunchy honey nuggets, as I call them) are wonderful. Cooked fresh figs or fresh figs rendered into fruit paste are good, too. Raw is a bit much for me, though.

For dried fruit, though, it is hard to be the banana or the plaintain.


I love the fig so much, I can even the the raw. But because of its immense power, I can’t eat an entire raw fig. Since they are so expensive, it is wasteful, so I don’t do that. Luckily, a fig is equally delicious in all of its forms.


We have a single massive fig tree, which produces more figs than I know what to do with, but not quite enough to sell. Maybe I should get a dehydrator? At peak fig we get 2-5 pounds of ripe ones a day. I can only eat so much fresh fig, fig jam, flat breads, and ice cream. Other suggestions welcome.

Maybe this year I’ll give 5-10 lbs to each of my home brewer friends and have a competition.


Are there fig wasps?


There’s a fig tree at my nonna’s house in queens. I find raw figs delicious as all hell BUT I don’t like dealing with them I find them sticky and hard to cut so often I don’t find it worth the effort to walk into the garden and pick a few and get them into edible form.



Nope, at least I’ve never seen one, I get the impression that they’re not common around here outside of tree farms.


How does the fig tree do its fig thing without the fig wasp?