You also don’t get to experience the wonder that is the cider donut. Growing up, I just assumed everyone in the US had access to them.


Growing up in NC I definitely was not a huge fan of apples. Now that I live in NY, I have access to many more varieties and know more about how to store them to keep them good for as long as possible.

Red “Delicious” and anything related to it is fucking bullshit and should not exist. The name is a marketing lie. Do not be fooled.

Also cider donuts = cake donuts = not real donuts. Why don’t you people have fucking Krispy Kreme up here? Fucking heathens.


There used to be tons of Krispy Kreme locations up here. They all closed because they expanded too rapidly.


Fuck Krispy Kreme that shit is gross a wad of grease and sugar. Cake donut >>>>> fried donut.


Honey Crisps for life!


Here in Kentucky you can’t be too choosy with your apple variety, you have to go with whatever doesn’t look overripe/bruised as shit. Gala and Fuji are usually your best bets.

Also, plain oranges are pretty hit and miss. I’ve mostly had to convert over to clementines and tangerines.


Tomatoes are some of my favorite fruit.

Yes, I went there, despite @Apreche’s rule not to broach the “what is a fruit” nonsense.


We get everything fresh here.
It’s an excess of riches.
A mandarin is not an orange.
The vegetable market has new stuff twice a week, 10 minutes from my house. Also I’ve visited orchards when living in rural areas. I guess you don’t understand the concept of subjective versus objective.

Wow you have a simple notion of juice. Obviously just making it out of the one fruit is bad for you.
Juice I’m having right now is made up of - 6 celery stalks, 2 broccoli florets, 1/4 fennel bulb, bunch of kale, bunch of spinach, inch or so of garlic, 1/4 lemon and 1 apple.

Man it’s so bad for me. Where did you study nutrition? The school of generalisation and drinking sugar water out of a box?
I’ll ring you when my diabetes kicks in.


Regardless of health that fruit slurry sounds pretty foul.



f i f t e e n c h a r a c t e r s


I personally attempt to try things before judging them, I guess not everyone has common sense.

You didn’t specify what juice, I guess you can keep attempting to think.


Skope what is your damage man? Every thread I’ve seen where someone disagrees with you you’re up on your high horse with the insinuated insults and pissy attitude.




Would you go to a fruit buffet?


yeah seriously, wtf?

I’m actually a fan of the empire, but not the Fuji, as far as Red Delicious crosses go.


Today I discovered Saturn peaches. I am happy.


We bought these from a farmer’s market near the waterfall house voldemort venue. SO GOOD. They called them “Donut Peaches”


Why is “Fruit” the most hostile thread? Is it my fault for making fun of sugar on strawberries?


It’s just the most hostile thread for the minute. You 'ought to remember the heat in the gomergoat thread a while back or the absolute nuthouse that was the 2016 election thread.


we should make a thread about clouds and flowers and see how long it takes.