My first exposure to plantains was buying one by accident thinking it was a banana, and then trying to eat it like a banana. It wasn’t the best introduction.


Last time we visited family in Japan, we picked up a huge bag of delicious mikans at an unmanned stall for 100yen. They are the best of the mini orange.


Yes, green is a must! As soon as I start seeing spots, it’s time for banana bread. My other favorite use is to throw the banana in a blender with a bit of milk, a scoop of peanut butter, and some vanilla extract. :ok_hand:


I use 1/2 frozen yellow bananas i smoothies (I alternate with avocado) or use frozen yellow bananas to make banana “ice cream”.


Ooo, I will have to try these! Thank you for sharing!


There are tons more recipes, many with lower calories. That was just a recent one I flagged for new ideas to add to my mix.


Oooooohhhh mikans… I have yet to find tiny oranges in The States that are as good as the mikans I had both times I went to Japan for school. I have come close but there is a certain something to the mikans.


A banana isn’t fully ripe until it’s covered in brown spots.

You put them in the freezer when the peel is completely darkened.

You people and your under-ripe bananas.


My color blindness really hampers my ability to assess banana ripeness.


The best thing about summer is Rainier cherries.

Also Star Fruit or any fruit in Hawai’i with that mysterious red powder is the best!


I’m eating cherries right now.


You’re a monster :stuck_out_tongue: But as far as banana ripeness I like them when they’ve just turned yellow all over but haven’t gone dark yellow yet.


Mango is my favourite fruit. There are quite a few subspecies which are bland and trash but the best ones, I forget there name are amazing and are best eaten by making a criss-cross cut on the top and squeezing the flesh out into your mouth.

The cheaper bland version is great for making jam, mango lassi, mango yogurt and mixer for juices. Also great with ice cream or yogurt.

Grapefruit is great, I guess you get shit grapefruit in the northern hemisphere.

Peach is definitely greater than apple.

Apples and oranges by themselves are trash.

Counting shit that is labelled as juice isn’t juice.
Go get that fruit and actually juice it or pay someone to.




100% juice is still really bad for you. Oh look I can squeeze a fruit and get all the sugar without any of the actual nutrition! Even a “fresh squeezed homemade artisinal” glass of fruit juice has as much sugar as a can of coke.


I’m thinkin’ take mango - pit + ice in blender then drink.


Never understood why my mom put sugar on Strawberries when I was young.


In a dessert setting it can work, especially if they’re out of season. To keep them from seemingly too tart in comparison to other dessert components.

But just by themselves, yeah that seems unnecessary.


It also makes them juice up, if you want some syrup with it.

If you don’t live where apples are grown, you get shit apples. The best ones go bad fast.

Also, you clearly have never had a mikan.


There’s a Chinese fruit called a yumberry that’s only ripe for ~2 weeks in early summer. Let’s just say that it’s aptly named.