Fruits I don’t like:


Figs are like, the fruit of god. WTF.


Yeah, it tends to get bitter or just be kinda bland. But when you get it perfectly ripe it’s super good. Although I prefer honeydew over cantaloupe.



Those are nashi.

I love grapefruit. A ripe Grapefruit is yumm, and I don’t need no stinking sugar.

Also peach is absolutely superior to Apple, what you on?!

My faves : Mangosteen, pomegranate, cherimoya, passionfruit, kyoho grape, Muscat grape.

I also love lime and cranberry as utility fruits. Apple pie is the best pie. The white & red Alpine strawberries and white raspberries in my garden are life. Fruit in general is the bomb, but I am generally bored by melons and figs are too crunchedy.


Sprinkling sugar on fruit is crazy


For grapefruit, it is traditional. It certainly doesn’t need it, but some people can’t deal with the bitterness. I like it with or without the sugar.


Any other fruit and I’m in agreement with you, I just need sometime to take the bitter edge off.


I love a banana sandwich with sprinkled sugar.


If it’s combined with other foods foods it’s fine, but just fruit and sugar is weird.


Banana with peanut butter on wheat toast was a childhood favorite of mine.


If you want some next-level fig shit, make fig salami some time.


Fig salami you say?



Oral allergy syndrome means apples are a no go for me. Also, ripe bananas are disgusting, green or go home.


Rym has allergy problems with apples also. The problem is apparently related to some pollen that is on the apple. You may be able to avoid it by washing them very thoroughly or peeling them. Not sure if it’s worth the risk to find out, though.

Also, while I am fine eating a banana that is a bit green, there is a such thing as being too green. Also this comic.


plantains on the other hand… wrapped in an egg roll wrapper, fried, and dusted with powdered sugar: DELICIOUS. and you don’t wait for them to turn yellow.


Raw plantains are gross, regardless of ripeness level.

Cooked plantains of all varieties are hereby ordered to get in my mouth ASAP.


For kids, anyway.


My weakness is Mandarin Oranges. One time at Christmas my brother in law and I sat and ate most of a crate of them between us and my mother in law was mad as hell.


I prefer bananas green unless I am baking with them. (Green! Super Green!)

Plantains are amazing in both sweet and savory dishes. I grew up on a lot of Cuban and Southern food, so they were a weekly staple. Vegetarian/vegan plantain rellenos are one of my favorite meals.