I’m glad I’m not the only grapefruit hater here.

I think it’s just “bad” for you in the sense that it’s mostly the fructose in large quantities compared to the actual fruit and none of the fiber from the pulp. Plus they can have added sugars sometimes.



For the record this isn’t some… like documentary. It’s a lecture about how damn awful fructose is in all it’s forms. It drills down to the level of biochem diagrams. If you took biochem you wanna scream and if you didn’t you wanna go to sleep. (I watched it before and after taking biochem.


Purple stuff… AWW YEAH SUNNY D!


A grapefruit cut in half with just a little sugar is the perfect proportion of sweet to sour and one of my favorite fruits, but yeah grapefruit on its own is pretty garbage.


My favorite fruit is the water pear. Not other fruit I’ve tried has that awesome dry tart flavor that I love. Other than that any sour fruit is ace to me.


Favorite Fruit: Mango/Magosteen. Failing that, almost any ripe fruit is amazing.

The few fruits I just cannot stand: Cantaloupe, duiran (oh, god, no!), and dragon fruit.

I’m with @GeorgePatches. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice are great. We had an orange tree, grapefruit tree, lemon tree, and lime tree in my backyard growing up in Florida. Whichever one had a ripe fruit in the morning was either juiced or served as part of breakfast. Cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle just a bit of sugar on it. YUM! The bitter with the hint of sweet is delicious. Grapefruit has its own unique flavor, so, no, they are not rendered redundant by oranges (far sweeter) and lemons (far more sour).

BTW, limeade from fresh squeezed lime juice is amazing. If you have never had it on a hot day, you are missing out.


If you want pro tier, kiwi lemonade.


Cantaloupe is delicious, along with most other fruits.

Mangos are weird because to me they smell like warm sweet garbage and taste delicious. My brain has a hard time when I cut up a ripe one.


Weird. I have almost the exact reaction to cantaloupes, but not mangos. It isn’t the smell, it is that it has a musky sweetness reminds me of decay. It tastes like it is rotting, to me.


As a kid I loved mangos, but as an adult there’s something off-putting about them, I think they just seem overripe to me no matter whether or not they’re in their prime.

A good cantaloupe is one of my favorites, but I’ll concede that there’s like a 45 minute window where they go from hard and flavorless underripe to overripe mushy garbage pit. Gotta act quick when the cantaloupe is ripe!


What is up with people not liking cantaloupe? Personally cantaloupe is one of those things where when it’s good, it’s really good, But if it’s under or overripe even a little bit, then it has some bad properties. I think people who don’t like it probably haven’t had the high quality cantaloupe at the perfect ripeness level. It’s actually not that easy to come by, at least in NY.


I’m meh on most melon type fruits. Now pineapple, that’s a fruit.


Is there a fruit out there with a flavor similar to pears, but with a texture closer to a nice crisp apple? If so, that would be the god fruit!


Pineapple goes on pizza. Fight me.



There is a whole world of hybrid fruits out there. The oldest one I can remember is the Tangelo.


Lemons are in fact a man made hybrid.


Oh snap! I gotta try me some of these!


Pineapple goes on pizza but pineapple doesn’t ONLY go on pizza.


I don’t think I’ve really met a fruit I didn’t like, though I do have some gaps with the less common types. As far as top tier goes, I go with strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, and mangoes. Most of the other fruits I consume come in the form of juices, particularly when mixed with alcohol. I generally try to avoid fruit though because of the high sugar content.