I just prefer a little honey in my Greek yogurt.


Grapefruit at least peels and splits easily. Regular oranges on the other hand are the worst among their family. Obviously worse tasting than mandarin oranges, tangerines, and clementines while also being messier to peel and split. Oranges are the worst way to get Vitamin C.


Habanero is the best fruit. It works very well in Bloody Marys.


It’s good, but it’s got nothing on avocado.


Best Fruit is Chocolate.


Both are good, especially together, maybe on some toast.


I love Grapefruit. I think it is the most delicious American citrus. I eat it plain because I am a boss, unlike you wimps.


Breakfast grapefruit is the best.


Madness I tell you, touched by the warp! Now whats wrong with a good old granny smith apple? We’ve gone all fancy how about a nice apple.


Just got some New Zealand Envy apples, really like them.


We got some Pink Lady apples that are friggin delicious the other day.


See we rush about with the most bizarre things but at the end of the say you can settle down with a nice apple. The Labrador of the fruit world.


I think those apples are too sweet. I like apples the way I like people.


Does that mean you don’t except for a select few?


Also crunchy, not mushy.


I too am a fan of the crisp apple, no mush.


fixed this for you




Who in would ever want a mushy apple?


Pie/cider makers?