That’s 100% accurate. Many types of hops have distinct grapefruit flavors such as Cascade, Ahtanum, Azzaca, Eureka, and Apollo. Some people love the bitterness, others are more sensitive to it. If you love Grapefruit and beer, then Grapefruit Sculpin IPA is a wonderful treat!


My life is incomplete… I have not had pomegranate in guacamole.


Grapefruit Sculpin is fucking delicious. Also as for hops I like the fruity/flowery aspect of hops more than the bitterness, though of course some bitterness is good. I always love when I find an IPA or other ale that emphasizes the floral over the bitter.


They are regularly on sale by the case at the nearby whole foods. It is truly a great temptation.


Ooh, they opened a Whole Foods near me recently I’ll have to check them out. I heard they have a good beer selection generally.


Green or red grapes. Thoughts?

I tend to prefer green, but for no real rational reason.


Green to eat, red to drink.


Green mostly because of no seeds, grape seeds are kinda gross.


Don’t they make seedless red grapes though? I swear I’ve eaten them before.


grapes with seeds are superior to seedless. muscat and kyoho.




Seedless grapes should just be called grapes and seeded grapes should be called annoying grapes.


If you’ve never had kyoho grapes, you’re not allowed to pass judgement. They are the most fucking delicious sugar lumps there ever did was.

Seedless grape eaters don’t even know the definition of flavor


I may have to seek out these delicious sugar lumps, as you called them.


i have tried these grapes and know their lies! Yes they are balls of sugar that are the sweetest grape I have ever dined upon. But the stone was an unwelcome surprises in the morning yogurt.


Ew. Grapes in yogurt WHY


Greek yogurt, threw in some mango and apples for a fruit salad sort of thing. And my cooking isn’t that good and cereal is pretty expensive in my neck of the woods for some reason.


I stand in awe of some of you people, freaking heathens.

The cotton candy grapes are pretty delicious, but after more than 5 you can’t really tell that they taste any different than a normal grape, I found this very disappointing.


Basically any fruit goes with Greek yogurt.


The vile grapefruit does not.