I get that, and horses too maybe even wasps as well. But to eat. I mean who wants to bite into a nice soft, mushy apple?


Bad pie/cider makers. Good makers of apple things use crisp, tart apples.


Actually, baked apples are soft and mushy in a nice, warm, tasty way, so if the apple you’re offering, amp, is baked, I would like it very much.


Ah now thats interesting. When making an apple pie I always started with the apple hard so that it stayed together in the pie. Now that is a situation where a soft apple is ok. I am thinking more along the lines of a packed lunch/snack situation. Where a soft apple is a real downer.


Southern Fried Apples are pretty banging and also soft.


Oh god! Don’t mention the south! I think I mentioned it earlier but I got a way with it.


Grilled peaches guys…grilled, motherfucking, peaches.


Fuck yeah :one::five:


I’ll admit that I was initially skeptical of the grilled peach when first encountered.

But then I found jesus.


Grilled fruit is usually great. Carmelization of fruit sugars = deliciousness. Core and disrobe a pinapple, coat it in cinnomon, and grill it. Ah-mah-zing!

To catch up on this thread:

Green grapes over red grapes, because red grapes are too sweet and lack the light tartness of green grapes (in general, there are some variations depending on the type of grape).

Green grapes in plain yogurt or plain green yogurt are a refreshing treat. That combo was common in my childhood breakfasts. Most fruit, honeys, and jams are tasty with yogurt.

I occasionally like what some people call mushy apple varieties, because they have slight pair flavors, but I usually prefer crisp apple varieties.

Good bakers know when to use crisp apples and when to use “mushy” apples. It entirely depends on what you are making.

Grapefruit remains a delightfully complex fruit. Enjoy your simple sweet fruit, if it makes you happy.


I am glad I do not live in a world with only two flavorless types of grape.


Whenever I see grapes in the store, I eat one of each kind to see which ones are good. Usually they all just taste like water, and I move on.


I’ve always wanted to just try the random fruits I meet in a supermarket but I always feel pretty weird eating stuff I haven’t paid for.


There was a store in college that I used to go that had the most amazing grapes and I feel like I haven’t been able to find the same ones since. I’ve seen what looks like the same grapes elsewhere but they’re not as good. These grapes were like straight up candy.


All the good grapes get used to make wine, since that gives you much more dollar per grape as a vineyard. Grape juice and table grapes are almost always the garbage grapes.


In America. Other places, they don’t sell the abomination known as seedless grapes.


Hey, we have Concord grapes with seeds in 'em.

I fucking hate Concords, but at least it’s something.


Your fruit is inferior and you should feel inferior.

There are wild concords all over where I live, most importantly along the street next to my work. I was dismayed when the groundkeepers cut down a large percentage of the vines. All these fragrant grapes rotting on the ground…


Oh man, I love Concord grapes, especially right from the vine. I had a neighbor when I was growing up who had these crazy trellises (trelli?) that covered their whole back yard. They couldn’t do much with them because they were getting older. Every fall after the first frost every kid in the neighborhood would invade their backyard with huge buckets and take everything they could. Concords are the best.


Grape seeds always make me think I’m gonna crack a tooth.