As the village stray dog I get given lots of free fruit and vegetables by the villagers. As such I get the best fresh fruit and veg going. Picked up a bag of the best baby tomatoes I have ever had for 150 yen. The only down side is that I did not realised the complex web of retired people trying to out grow more than their neighbour and me becoming the dumping ground for surplus. For my birthday I was given a cucumber the size and length of my arm. This is the most fruit and vegetable experience so far. The only way to get out of this is to start growing my own, but that then puts me in the arms race.


Well, I mean, ethanol is a literal poison. We drink dilute poison and slowly kill ourselves.

Delicious, delicious craft poison.


That was my point lol


So, let’s talk about which is the best OJ: “Some Pulp” or “Lots of Pulp” or “Chunky”?


OJ sucks, grapefruit is delicious. FIGHT ME.


Both contain sugar, therefore both are horrid. (I’m dead serious sugar in my liquid in general, I find gross. I recognize my minority opinion is just that, in the minority)



I can compromise, Grapefruit Juice is Delicious, but it’s got to have tons of pulp!


I love San Pelligrino Pompelmo. Grapefruit, soda, and sugar.
(and will totally admit it is only a sometimes snack)

Damn. I’m too moderate.



Grapefruit Mimosa is literally one of my favorite drinks.


That sounds fucking good.



I don’t really like grapefruit by itself, but drinks that use them are delicious. Greyhounds, palomas, grapefruit mimosas, etc.


I had a Grapefruit Gose the other day that was pretty good, but can’t remember the brand. I’ll post it once I remember.


A splash of grapefruit in a Seabreeze balances things out well, but more than that and it just tastes like shit, and by tastes like shit I mean it tastes like grapefruit.


I remembered, the Grapefruit gose was Ecliptic Zenith.


Grapefruit is a fad fruit that was sold to yuppies for nothing more than a gimmick. The fact that every single person I’ve seen eat one has it slathered in sugar or some other sweetener to hide its god awful taste.

Also pulp in any beverage is wrong. You should not have to chew your drink or worry if you have crap in your teeth.

Swear down bruv come at me.


Grapefruit is basically the IPA of fruit, although I enjoy it I can totally see why someone else would hate it.


San Pelligrino in any flavor was my first and most intense pregnancy craving.

Both fresh orange juice and fresh grapefruit juice are delicious, but neither can touch peach or mango nectar.


Pomegranate is my favorite. Delicious on its own and an excellent addition to any guac. Oranges are second best.