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Brava Lizzie!
Fifteen characters of Brava!


congratulations, Lizi!


Before I went to bed I heard a thump thump thump noise that was extremely regular, like a clock. I figured maybe my neighbor bought something like a clock with a pendulum and I would ask them about it if it didn’t go away.

Noise was still there when I woke up. Still regular like a metronome. Difference is I noticed a very wet area of the ceiling. Called all the people. Good thing I rent and also have renter’s insurance.

Also very weird that this is above my bedroom on the third floor. The roof is many floors above me, how could water come from there? All the kitchen sinks and bathroom plumbing is at the front of the apartment. The sprinkler system runs through the center, to the left of this leak. There is no reason for any plumbing of any kind to be above that spot in my ceiling.



Slow leaks, usually from plumbing within another apartment, will drip and follow the outsides of the pipes into the ceiling void.

From there, the water will slowly converge on the lowest point, which is often pretty far away from the source of the leak.

By the time you get a bulge like that, there is a LOT of water up in the ceiling.


Even if there’s no pipes there it can run along trusses and joists or electrical conduits.



For that prison toilet wine conveniently at home…


They sell Manichewitz at the store. You don’t need to make it.


I raise you



Organized sports are fucking dumb.


Figured out how to get everything in our system faster testing a different implementation. Test, for example, turned an 18 second process into 800ms.

This change, of course, is something I pointed out on intuition when we first implemented absolutely anything in our system.

And to go back and change it now it would take a metric fuckton people seem unwilling to do.


Disorganised sports, however, are hilarious.


A good point! I would honestly watch professional Calvinball.



Hilariously, it’s actually pretty organized, there’s pretty defined rules, they just make beating the shit out of your opponent totally legal.

However they balance it by making ever team strictly volunteers, different players every game.

It works out.


Alex Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


I didn’t think it was possible, but transfering to an international through JFK is worse than Dulles.


Went out for brunch today and some older gentleman started saying something something kennedy’s, good thing they are dead.

First words out of my mouth were, “that’s a strange statement”, because I too will say things that are conventionally objectionable and pretty out of there. I kinda wanted to hear more. So old man rambles on.

Something something about east st louis and creating a voting block.

“But how do you get from there to ‘it is a good idea to kill the kennedy family?’”

The guy pulls (1) the word validity, which I then explain the definition of validity. (2) wisdom, to which I jest that my wisdom is maxed out which clearly he doesn’t get as a joke but a couple people laugh. (3) then I say the word argument and he gets offended and then I explain the definition of an argument for these usual purposes.

Then old guy just gets more quiet and doesn’t interact.

I’m sure I look stupid in some eyes with the wisdom comment, but otherwise this is pretty much the norm around here.


Woke up with back pain, oh god it’s finally happening.

Hello, fellow Olds.