Fail of Your Day


The spam filter won’t let me post “ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US” without extra text and is ruining my joke.


I was just thinking hey. Computers always making divide by zero errors. Why not just avoid division altogether? Like, if you have to divide y / x and you are worried that x is 0 just do y * (x^(-1)) instead?


Never mind.


You just need to do better math.


We had to send our third dog, Rocko, back to the rescue league.


Dear Pentagon…

Fuck you.


That’s the most late-stage capitalism thing I’ve read today.


Get ready for this. Ein Volkswagen, Ein Reich, Ein Führer.


Patreon is trying their hand at stupid bullshit again. (Read the whole thread.)

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Lower back strain.
Hurts a lot.


Apparently my university’s College Republicans club is bad news… who would have guessed?

Currently accepting all suggestions for what to do about this. Our current thoughts:

  • Report this to faculty (probably not going to go anywhere because our faculty at that level is shit)
  • Robo call them with Bella Ciao
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Every Republicans club is bad news…


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I like this one.


The only reason we aren’t already doing that is that Ohio apparently has very strict harassment laws.


Attend to take up seats. When the video starts, stand up and walk out en mass.


That’s a good one.


So if I may or may not have realized we may or may not have a way to hijack their computer during that meeting (don’t ask). What videos should be played?


The most recent Innuendo Studios one about conservatism is quite fitting. Mostly just informative until the end.

This one.


The extra video he did where he outlines his research is also really good.

Though I’m not sure if it’s helpful for a crowd of young fascists so much as for people like us. I feel like I came away from that video with a better understanding; I’m not sure how much a video entailing what liberals believe would be as helpful to me. Seems like the same principle might apply.

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