Fail of Your Day


That’s why you qualify and validate stuff.


I would be too. It’s tedious, sure but that’s no excuse for being sloppy.


Have to call Student finance tomorrow which is just going to be great. The whole system has some how managed to deteriate ever more now that a private company has take it over. Still not sure how they plan to get any money off me but I’m sure they will do their best to drag out as much as they can from me. The cherry on the cake is that a side from phone calls the only method of communication is post!


I’m getting married this year and my fiance and me both wrote our own vows for our civil ceremony. We had to visit the registrar to discuss the details of the day and pay the fee for the registrar’s attendance. We are keeping the vows secret from each other so they have surprise on the day.

In my vow I had included the words “though good health and poor.”. The registrar deemed this as too religious for a civil ceremony and asked me to change it immediately. I still don’t think my words were religious, they were only passingly similar to a religious sentiment, which is something that could be said true for the very act of marriage.

On the spot I switched it to “through darkness and light” which sounds more religious to my mind…

My fiance had similar trouble with a line in her vow.

The system here is awful. Civil ceremonies ought to be free of religious obligation rather than free of religious reference.

When we asked why we couldn’t make similar sentiments to religious phrases the guy basically told us that the answer contained massive spoilers and we’d do better just to get on with it and we’d find out later.

What a load of bollocks. Thank fuck they approved the poem my fiance had written and put in the readings which was about a “divine tree”.

I can imagine Church of England negotiating with the country like “Hey, if you want civil ceremonies you can have ‘em but they’ve got to be totally non-compete on anythin’ we offer under our holy roof! If people want to say shit about wealth, health or having and holding you gotta kick those guys out and send 'em our way!”


As an American, the idea of having to have vows approved is completely buck wild. At least in my state, literally the only thing that matters is getting the paperwork signed, all the rest is fluff.


When a conversation can’t do it’s event due to a hotel treating people like anime kids.


Doesn’t sound like fan base had anything to do with the cancellation. The article you linked to mentions “The hotel has gone through five names in the last ten years, and when the current owners took over in April of 2016 they laid off the entirety of the hotel’s management” and doesn’t mention anything about the hotel’s stance towards other fandom conventions.


This is why my wife and I got her brother to get registered as an officiant so we could say whatever we liked. He wrote some lovely words, read them from a card he tucked in a copy of the James Bond novel Octopussy with a black cover, no religious overtones whatsoever much to my mother’s chagrin.


The reason it canceled was due to requiring the people who wanted to stay there to pay for all three days up front therefore no one booked a room because why buy a room in which you do t know about yet


I continue to not see what this has to do with “anime kids”.


This could also be TOTD based on how much I’ve laughed this morning. Just type #fyrefestival into twitter and enjoy.


Do they have a ball pit?



Oh shit! Is that real? Please let that be real.


I wish it was real, but I recognize the exact position of that ball pit from photos of Dashcon.



If we have a legitimate convention with extra space/money, we should throw shade by renting a legit incredible fucking ball pit that people actually want to go in. It might seem tacky, but check this. If we have the ball pit and our convention does fail, we will be a double laughing stock. By having the ball pit we are forcing ourselves to not fuck up because the consequences of failure are going to be much higher.


That plan takes balls.


Gotta make a pit at least as good as this one:


You know it’s for adults, when all the balls are boringly white.