Fail of Your Day


Granted, they did not send save the date cards a year+ in advance, as is customary.


How? HOW? Why are the clients of a service requiring the license? Is there suddenly a significant finite number of channels with which to broadcast? Is there a branch of the German government that regulates the distribution of twitch data?


Dislocated my shoulder again. Just as gym work and boxing was coming along nicely. Also my ex has cut me out entirely despite saying she wanted to be friends and all that. So now I’m sat here, arms killing me, going to miss the gym for two weeks and half my stuff is now with someone who I can’t contact.


Called in for jury duty and had a panic attack right outside the courthouse. Gotta get an exemption I guess…


Lawyer: Do you have any beliefs that might prevent you from making a decision based strictly on the law?
You: Yes.
Lawyer: Have a nice day, you’re free to go.


Went to an orthopedic specialist to have him review he MRI scans of my shoulder that had been bothering me since last summer, and had only recently, with physical therapy, managed to un-freeze.

He recommended a cortisone injection, which I got.

Around 8 PM, my shoulder was burning with enough pain that I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and continued to burn and hurt on a level that was enough to nauseate me and keep me from sleeping most of the night.

Apparently it’s a thing called “cortisone flare” that happens in 1:20 patients and there’s basically nothing much you can do about it.


Pretty sure I saw Rym at my favorite lunch spot yesterday.

I decided to order first, and spend the time in line considering whether it would be weird to say hi.

By the time I paid and turned around, psyched and ready to introduce myself, he was gone.

Missed connections…


Was it Schnipper’s?


[quote=“Apreche, post:108, topic:210, full:true”]
Was it Schnipper’s?
[/quote]Voted number one Lunch spot by the Mohel Association Of The United States.


oh snap is there a Schnipper’s in fidi? I only knew about the spot on 23rd, I’ve gotta look into this.

but no, it was Go Go Curry


Yeah, that was probably Rym in the Go Go Curry.


That was definitely me in the Go Go Curry. Biking to work has rekindled my infinite appetite. I roll in to that place, eat as fast as possible, and slink away :wink:


Inspired by this, I got Schnipper’s for lunch today and, against my better judgment, washed down my cheeseburger with a milkshake.

I spent the next hour feeling like I was wearing a fat suit.

10/10 would Schnip again


I might have to swing down to the city soon and snag some Schnippers. I’m jelly as a muhfugguh you can have that as lunch on a workday.


Allan Holdsworth, my favorite guitarist, died today. I’m painfully reminded once again that all of my heroes are mortal.


So last night our server admin was doing some maintenance and noticed an issue with our database backup system and went to correct it. Part of this process involved running rsync between two machines. The machine he was syncing from didn’t have the database on it, so rsync gladly deleted the database from the server.

So the best we’ve got now is praying for some recovery software to undelete what damage was done. Next best is trying to rebuild from a 6 month old backup. It’s not such a terrible thing because this portion of the business is fed from another business (one’s sales and this one is fulfillment) so I can regenerate the raw data from that. I am going to be missing a whole ton of QA, purchasing, production, etc. data.

I’ve never been so sick to my stomach in my life.


So, no nightly backups huh?

The “replication deleted the master” issue is so common I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes easily half a dozen times.


You fired the useless IT guy who doesn’t make nightly and properly working backups, right?


A cron job that does mysql dump, zips it and moves it off server. This is the first thing I learned when I got my first ops job and it’s the first thing I teach new hires.

This isn’t ideal for giant dbs but if you can’t easily do the above a real solution is still required.


The admin trusted that the system worked and didn’t check for a while, I guess.

If the system did work we would have had the nightly back ups, and then we wouldn’t be where we are. I am finding that I can recreate most of the data but there’s going to be a fairly large hole in the history.

I am a bit mad that he didn’t manually dump the db and back it up before he started working on the system.