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Never mind.


I always thought one of the biggest draws to ballpits was sorting them because it’s so much fun. You just sit in a corner and throw any ball that isn’t… say blue as far away from you as you can. Get 1 person in each corner and you end up with a picture your dad took of you and your siblings and a few strangers when you were 7 at mcdonalds.


So that’s my life.


I have many a time typed :wq into things that aren’t Vim.


At the very height of my Vim usage when I was programming everything C or C++, I kept typing :w and :wq to interact with Google Docs, Hangouts and Microsoft Word.


When I had a program freeze up on my Windows machine, I was flustered when I realized I couldn’t just type killall (application).



I secretly wish that all text editors watched for vim commands and just went with it. “Oh you think you’re still in vim? I get it, muscle memory is strong, we’ll save the document for you anyways”


Sam Harris has gone full race science. Expect a spike in racism among 16 year old “intellectuals”.


Having listened to this podcast, I didn’t get that from the conversation.

He expresses empathy for Charles Murray’s position from a purely scientific stance (I.E. whether or not his research was done in a scientific way) but also questions why he would focus so much of his time on the exact topic and keep stirring up things. I left the conversation wondering the same thing Sam Harris did, if Charles research found a slight difference in the IQ’s of different populations of people that was to the level that you wouldn’t want to change how that group was viewed, why keep pressing on that topic. Charles seemed to take a purely scientific answer but he was hiding his deeply conservative stance from the interview mostly.

I guess I empathized with his position in that if I was a scientist and I found some sort of controversial claim that wouldn’t be that impactiful to any sort of overall advancement but would cause some damage on a societal level would I still want to produce those findings? Guess it depends on my thoughts of how much information needs to be out there.

Charles clearly thinks it’s worth fighting for, but I didn’t take from the conversation that Sam Harris does. In Fact in other conversations he specifically says this topic is one that should probably not be pursued for moral and societal reasons


I missed FRC Overwatch. :frowning:


So, someone borrowed my compressor without telling me, and by not running the relief valve and allowing water to build up in the tank, they essentially turned it into a potential bomb. There was enough rust in the valve to completely plug it and hold 100psi, so I know something’s not so good in there. I’ve pulled the valve and blown the tank out by running the motor, but I’m gonna have to get the borescope in there to have a peek around and make sure it’s not too damaged before I put any pressure in it.


Boy that must have been a fun one to walk into the shop to. We were doing some digging for barn foundations and found that someone had buried a full compressed tank for some god knows reason. That was a fun descovery.

In other news the verb 上げる can huff farts and go home.


[quote=“Amp, post:153, topic:210”]
In other news the verb 上げる can huff farts and go home.
[/quote]Any particular reason?


Well with 26 different meaning, I know different kanji but still, it a bit much isn’t it? And its not like they are in a similar vain. I mean to raise something I get, but to summon geisha? Really? This has nothing to do with me having to conjugate verbs this weekend.


Sure, it’s got a lot of meanings, but so does 掛ける, and so do a bunch of English words. Including phrasal verbs, take has at least two hundred meanings. Just because words have all those meanings, doesn’t mean they’re all equally useful and equally worth of focus during study.


Oh I know I know. Still doesn’t stop it from being really irritating though.


My bike got stolen, the second time for the same bike. The first time I was naive and didn’t even have a lock on it in a garage. Got lucky and the police actually found it at the scene of another bike theft. Ever since then I’ve had two locks on it at all times, a kryptonite U-lock and a thicker cable lock. I keep the U-lock between the frame, the front tire, and any post or bike loop. The cable lock I usually just keep between the frame and back tire.

So a bunch of bikes got stolen and it was notified by the HOA (we rent a condo) that a bike thief came in a second time. The first time was a couple days ago.

I guess I’ll make an insurance claim or something. Part of me doesn’t even want to get another bike. I was getting ready to start riding again too, but having my bike stolen twice I’m just getting fed up with this bullshit. I guess if I had a new bike I’d just take it and put it on the balcony from now on.


About a week late with this one, but vague/absent definitions are always handy to have in laws right?


The embers continue to smolder