Fail of Your Day


In general, you’re correct. But it is completely arbitrary that you can’t legally drink at 20, but can at 21. Hell, in the past, the legal drinking age was 18. Personally, I think we should go back to that.

Traffic laws are similar. Some states have a speed limit of 65 on highways. Some have a 75 limit. Regardless of what that limit is, if you break the speed limit, no one is going to care that you’re capable of driving at a higher speed.

A voting age of 18 is a completely arbitrary number. Plenty of kids who are younger are capable of doing the research necessary to make an informed decision. Plenty of aduls who are older are completely uninformed and vote purely based on party affiliation. We don’t give intelligence tests to determine who and who can’t vote and at what age, we have a one size fits all policy for voting. It’s the same with an attendance policy.

If a student doesn’t like a mandatory attendance policy, take a different class with a different professor. If all classes have that policy, then maybe try to get an individual exception. But if you can’t get an exception, or just don’t show up, and don’t have a reason, don’t expect the rules to not apply to you, regardless of your ability level.


I skipped entire classes, just showing up on exam days, and did fine.

I tended to withdraw from classes that required attendance. More tactically, several classes counted lab (only) attendance as 10% of your grade. If I was shooting for the B anyway, I’d just take the 10% off the top and never attend.


The only classes I recall taking that required attendance were foreign language classes and in that case, well, I think it’s kind of understandable. It’s pretty hard to learn how to converse in a foreign language only from a book. Being in class at least gives you the opportunity to converse in said language and practice using it.

Other than that, I usually attended my classes because I generally found them beneficial. However, my best friend pretty much never attended class and always was able to ace everything. He was a total workaholic though, so I’m not sure how much that played into his abilities.


I have no problem with people skipping class.

It’s when people skip class and then feel like the rules shouldn’t apply to them, that they’re somehow special, that’s when I have a problem.

Like you wrote, either you withdrew from a class with required attendance, or factored that into your end of the year grade. You never tried to weasel your way out of it or were upset when the professor followed the already-known policies.

I look at attendance policies the same way as I do civil disobedience: You can break the rules, just be prepared to live with the consequences.


I have no problem with people skipping class if they can come up with a half good reason. These kids that got failed in person had not been there since day one. If they had a coherent answer to the assigned prompt and could string together a sentence about why they shouldn’t fail, I’d have given them a barely passing grade. However, they answered the wrong prompt and couldn’t give more than one-word answers. There was a girl last year that was like, “It’s a Sunday afternoon; sometimes I just didn’t wanna come.” and I passed her because came up with a reason, and I thought the same thing.

I tell them the school’s attendance policy up front because these double-major classes always go from 50+ on day one to ~20 the next week. They choose their F, and I’m happy to give it to them.

EDIT: If they come to class and don’t look like they’re paying attention, that’s fine too; I was that kid. I always had my head down or was reading in class. Teachers were annoyed at first, until they learned through calling on me in class that I always had a correct answer. I get that. I even had a middle school teacher go to bat for me when my high school didn’t put me in a first-year AP class for…reasons (I don’t remember why). There’s a girl in one of my classes now that’s always has an earbud in, but I don’t care because she also always has something to add.


Yep. I failed one course because it had a clicker thing. I never bothered to buy the clicker. There were in class questions you just had to answer, not even get right, and not doing so some number of times got you a fail. I still learned what “I” wanted to from the class. I went into college with the policy that I’ll only do the work I want to do, and carried that on to adulthood. It causes some conflicts, two years ago it even got me punched in the face, but I’m living the life I want to live.


Really my point has been that the rule shouldn’t exist in the first place, not that you shouldn’t be beholden to rules you agreed to. I did withdraw from every class in university that had attendance policies and wrote letters to professors and deans in protest. I withdrew from my first community college paralegal course entirely the second I found out there was a campus wide attendance policy because I hated it that much and refused to agree to it. I still went to class at the other college but I wasn’t going to be arbitrarily penalized for a choice not to go.


I feel you. These rules are stupid and don’t help anyone. I had my final exams rejected three times because there was some rule it didn’t fit. “It needs to be B5.” Okay. “Vertical margins need to be 1.8cm and horizontal margins need to be 2.4cm.” Okay. “The total points for the exam need to be 100; percentages are not acceptable.” And on and on and on. It’s all just someone upstairs powertripping.

Hell, I found out last night that they had teachers make proposals for what to put in a new western literature textbook, and Edgar Allan Poe was rejected because he “wasn’t classical enough,” which is bullshit. The man upstairs just doesn’t like him, so he made an arbitrary decision; like all these other rules.


This is the same thing that my art and animation school friends go through with fuddy old school “AnIME iSn’T ArT” professors who took off marks or rejected grad school applicants for having anime style art in their portfolios. It makes me just as furious. Who fucking says anime isn’t art? Pop art is still art.


Anime is cool and i don’t think having some quality stuff in a portfolio should be death, but having seen my share of artists I sadly have to kinda side with most schools that when there’s a portfolio that’s basically only “anime” work, it doesnt usually demonstrate a very diverse mindset. That’s schools and programs aren’t going to cater toward that direction of work so it won’t be a good fit.

If someone is already good at anime style work, then they have some specific schools or directions they need to be going. If they aren’t good at it yet… It’s not a good sign. If they are good at anime drawings but want to get out and learn other stuff, then they need to demonstrate some ability to deviate from the established anime or comics or Tumblr pop work and show what they do in other mediums.

If your friends had diverse and varied works across a few different styles and the work demonstrated a good eye and good control and one or two anime works trashed their submission, I’m sorry about that. But admission does ultimately come down to know the audience and sell yourself to that audience. And know the Program and what you want to do.

Yes the bias from the established faculty is real, but what I’ve always heard, from teachers and other students who themselves did comics/anime work, is to learn what the school is teaching, be diverse, push yourself, and then apply your baller skills to whatever anime or pop art style you want on your own time.


To be honest, I hate the idea of art school and being graded on the “artistic-ness” of your art. Grade on technique or whatever, but not artistic merit. I admit I have a major axe to grind with art academia after taking my undergrad 3D art elective. We had to make an animal out of wire, and I made a puffin. I was very proud of my puffin, I made him kind of minimalist and in a nice expressive pose. I was told it was lifeless and poorly designed and got a C. All I could think, and said to the teacher after final grades were in, was I liked -MY- puffin and if you wanted a different puffin make your own goddamn puffin. No offense, art academia can kiss my ass.


The hardest class I took in college was a basic drawing course. One of the teachers (there were two, and he wasn’t mine) said that he liked failing students. I put in more work for that class than I did for any of my other classes. I improved over the course of the semester. I got a pity C.

I also took a 2D design class with a different teacher; it was fun and interesting! I got an A there because she wasn’t just out to fail people and the assignments weren’t just ‘draw this thing’.


… As an adult? How?


Late at night downtown (in a college town) two frat-bro types accosted me because I had a pizza, but I wasn’t giving them either the whole thing or a slice or something and I told them to fuck off (edit: and I made some comment about how he can go get one himself with his parents credit card, as he was outside of a very fancy giant SUV, and I think that hit close to home) and then the lead guy punched me knocking me off my ass, head bouncing on the concrete. His friend did react by holding him back at that point. The pizza hit the street as well, and there was a screaming girl in the SUV trying to get them to flee the scene. I apparently managed to walk a couple blocks then passed out in some grass. Some bystander found me and used my phone to call 911, but then left me to talk to them after he told them the address. I had the recording of the phone call that helped me piece together what happened later. The bystander guy also apparently didn’t believe me about the two guys, he thought I was just drunk off my ass or something and fell. Ambulance came, several scans/tests/things of my head at the hospital, four staples, and then eventually I had a friend drive me home.

Slept like twelve hours, woke up, called the cops, but they were a bit intimidating and I didn’t know much of anything that would really figure this out, especially then, and I didn’t realize my phone recorded the call. Also it was about that time I noticed the front of my head had swollen up like a baseball from the punch, something nobody in the hospital seemed to notice… Not a great day, but it made me give up on a lot of things that were making my life worse (some piece of property my grandparents gave me that my junkie uncle was fighting over and my roommate situation at the time, money and work) as I just didn’t want to deal with people at all anymore. It was about a year after that I got the new job that made life way better.


Found out that a working title I had for a short story also is and acronym for paedophile apologists. Which is A)bloody annoying as I thought it was a cool title and B) Who the fuck is defending that shit?


Ok, I’m sorry but I can’t help but think of this (somewhat NSFW) scene:


I’m a crackpot conspiracy theorist and I heard a conspiracy that there are loads of mental health facilities that are trying to cure paedophilia in people with learning disabilities using psychological techniques. So far instead of having any kind of success all they’ve done is give them connections with other like minded individuals and spread a technique of faking learning disabilities to avoid prison. And the psychologists searching for this holy grail of a cure ensure this status quo by reporting fake successes to justify the existence of their own role.

But that’s just my crazy conspiracy.


There’s always some broken garbage human beings out there. Also is the acronym a happenstance of letter arrangement in a word or did you have an acronym you made up that accidentally matched one of these shit ones?


It was a dead match. The annoying thing is I didn’t plan to use the acronym but know it would be shortened to it.


Not sure if this belongs here or Silicon valley is stupid, but I just got done with telling Fitbit where to send the fifth Charge 3 (I would say 6th if one of the boxes hadn’t been empty) since November.

They have been running for around five days and then quietly bricking themselves sometime on the fifth evening. So I start a support ticket with Fitbit and they decide that the right solution is to send me another Fitbit.