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2018 London. We need a GoFundMe to help the homeless.


Caught influenza the day of my three day weekend, stretched all the way through to today. Spent Christmas alone and sick. Got sent home from work today as well. Also might have to kill my upstairs neighbour. Dude is far to loud for such a small guy and its driving me mad in my plague ridden state.


Doing claim QA today is making me want to run screaming from the building in frustration. Apparently none of the reviewers pay attention in meetings, follow the directions we’re given, or fucking read anything. People are still disqualifying claimants for shit we were advised not to IN MULTIPLE MEETINGS OVER MULTIPLE WEEKS.


Super local news:

This is just after our police chief was finally fired. The chief was featured in 2014 for his “pennies from heaven” comments about civil asset forfeitures.

Thing is I have two personal friends who happen to be friends with this guy, and I offended one of them by explaining how it fails ethically to believe and post this kind of shit and attempt to execute the law, blah blah blah. “But he’s a great guy. He’s a better cop than others.” etc.

The first step, imho, is admit that you can’t do or think these kind of things while acting in a law-enforcement capacity and offer a convincing apology (after consulting the union attorney, because they’re representing you for free). At least, that’s the best I can offer my friends of the guy. Sadly he’s probably just the nail that sticks out most likely and there’s far worse offenders in the department.


The way I watch YouTube is that I have my list of channels I subscribe to, check out whats there, put those into “Watch Later”, then watch it in the Watch later menu, often putting together mini-playlists in there. This has also meant that I have accumulated over 100 videos there that have been in the queue for a year or longer.

Now this isn’t so bad. However, over the holiday break I have watched a bunch of those and significantly cut down on the clog. But I also noticed that for some reason I was also losing some videos that I hadn’t actually watched. Today I noticed that for some reason when I use the trashcan icon on the watch later list on the video page, then switch to full-screen, hitting the spacebar to pause a video will also delete the next item in the watch later list. So I have lost a bunch of videos and no idea which I lost.

Oh well.


Edit: for context this, is basically a found but hitherto publicly undisclosed remote vulnerability in the most common thing in the world sqllite. It runs in every browser (but firefox (actually anyone remember when firefox refused to implement this and was chastised for “breaking the foundations of the web”?)) and about a million other places. Scott is on record somewhere in the podcast saying it’s running on your phone right now like 10 or 15 times.


Yet another reason why security folks tell you not to use Adobe Reader as your default PDF reader:


I always found Adobe Reader slow as hell to load, anyway. I recommend more lightweight alternatives.
SumatraPDF has been my go-to choice for years, and there are plenty of browser plug-ins that can do the job well.


I use the real full on Adobe Acrobat, not the free reader. It’s really handy to use the document cloud to have my PDFs available on all my devices. I mostly use it for books and manuals for cameras, games, etc. Those are all very handy to have available on all devices at all times.

Thing is, none of these security flaws are an issue if you aren’t downloading weird shady ass pdfs.


Sumatra is also my go-to. It’s also what many computer security experts recommend. Small, simple, light-weight, and open source, pretty much all you need for most PDFs.

I use Google Drive for that myself for things that I care about having on all my devices.

Thing is, you never really know if you are downloading a weird shady ass PDF or not. You may think you’re downloading the manual for your washing machine or something, but you have no way of knowing if your washing machine company’s been compromised and had their PDFs trojaned as a result. Better safe than sorry.

Then again, a lot of the security experts who urge against using Adobe’s Reader probably also spend a good amount of time reverse engineering shady ass PDFs, so that could make them extra sensitive to the issue.


So, I’m working on getting documents together to apply for dual Italian citizenship, and I’ve hit a snag. Apparently my dad (who was born in Rome) automatically became a US citizen when my grandparents naturalized in 1981, and according to an old law that means that he might have technically lost Italian citizenship. His last Italian passport from before I was born was issued in 1980 and expired in 1985.

I was born in 1990, and he applied for a new Italian passport in 1992. The Italian government asked why he was living in the US, so he told them he was also a US citizen, but he didn’t have any documents attesting to that (because it was automatic). He had to get a US Certificate of Citizenship (which said he’d been a citizen since 1981) before the Italian government would issue him a new passport, which they did in 1994.

The problem is, I’m not sure what documents the Italian government used to make the decision to grant him a new passport (thus confirming that he was still an Italian citizen). According to Italy’s 1992 law that explicitly allowed dual citizenship, one of four scenarios may have happened:

  1. He never lost Italian citizenship when my grandparents naturalized, because he didn’t voluntarily renounce his Italian citizenship.
  2. He lost his Italian citizenship, but somehow regained it before I was born (there are multiple different avenues to do this, some of which don’t necessarily leave a paper trail).
  3. He lost his Italian citizenship, but regained it after I was born. There’s a clause of the 1992 law that would automatically give me Italian citizenship when he regained it.
  4. He lost his Italian citizenship, and every passport they’ve issued him since 1981 was in error. There’s a danger that if I ask the consulate about this, they’ll simply revoke his citizenship.

I’m in the process of requesting documents from Agropoli (where he lived in 1981) to see if there’s anything that shows that he was an Italian citizen (or regained it) sometime between 1981 and 1990, but, well, Italian bureaucracy.


Wow, you’re pretty close to being me, but I think you may have it easier. My Mom was born in Italy but voluntarily renounced in the 70s making that entire line of the family a no go, however my father is second generation Italian.

If I wanna get citizenship through that path, I need to retroactively get it for everyone on my fathers side up to my great grandfather. In practice it means, birth, death and marriage certificates for paternal parents and grandparents and great grandparents. Submit it all at an embassy and hope.

Honestly I think it may be easier just to move there and apply like everyone else.


Oof, yeah. As far as I can tell you’d only have to live there for three years rather than the regular 10 (or work for the consulate for that long, I guess).

Supposedly (according to an immigration person I talked to) the consulate will probably be very lenient with my application since my dad’s still an Italian citizen, and I might just need to give them copies of his passports (1980, 1994, 2004, and when he renews this year) and a document from the town he’s registered in that says he’s an “Italian citizen living abroad,” but we’ll see.


Yeah, moving there was already a goal of mine, and heaven knows I have a lot of family out there who could help out with the miscellania that’d come up . The job is my stumbling block right now.


My desktop PC’s Motherboard apparently died the other day, went to turn it on last night and I am getting no post code beeps at all. Even if I try to boot with no RAM. Swapped PSU and that didn’t help either. Currently waiting to hear back from Gigabyte since it was still under warranty.


Could be the PSU. Don’t count that mobo out yet.


I second the idea that it might be the PSU. My last desktop had a bunch of issues with USB ports shorting, and I thought it was the motherboard, but it turns out one of the PSU rails had failed. Of course it wasn’t the one I had used to test the PSU, so it was very tricky to diagnose.


How did both of you miss that I already swapped the PSU?:joy: