Fail of Your Day


I, personally, dread a con focused on streaming.


I know a guy who works on tech stuff at AGDQ and he described some shit show stuff that goes on that you can’t see on the stream.


I view it the same way I’d view a con about like… hot air balloons, or waste management, or cardiology, or really anything on the near infinite list of things that aren’t really my thing.

I know a guy who works at the garden and he described what it’s like during the commercials at the garden, that you can see on cable or the blab.


I would go to AGDQ at least once for the experience. I’m sure I’d meet a lot of interesting people with whom to hang out.

Is it really any different than going to Essen? It’s not like you don’t get all the hot Essen games eventually here in the US. You’re not going to be the sole discoverer of something new.



Essen would actually be less of a draw if I lived in Europe. Learning about Essen, and what it’s like, is a large reason for going. I don’t think there will be much reason to go more than once, unless I’ve got a game I’m trying to sell.


I talked to someone who staffer for AGDQ and was told that the streaming thing we see is about 15% of what is actually going on. I was told there is some hardcore tabletop and arcade action going on in addition to other events.


I was told there was problematic drunkenness and such.


I’ve been told that never ever happens at the garden or at Citi Field, or at Met Life Stadium, or just in sports in general.


I’ve only had beer spilled on me maybe once ever. I’ve been to a lot of games.



You should go to Slayer shows. I got drilled in the head with a full beer bottle (plastic thank the gods) and wore cheap Bud the rest of the night.

It was fun for certain values of “fun.”


I mean, I’ve never run afoul of a drunkenman at MAG, but plenty of people do. They’re there.


Even I got pretty plastered at MAG, more than once. Of course I’m also not the type to be a shitlord whilst such.


It doesn’t count if I run afoul of myself. But I expect no one has run afoul of me, so all is well. :wink:



Personally, I’ve lost all patience and sympathy to gamers who are that fucking mad about something as minor in the grand scheme of Blizzard as Diablo on Mobile. They are just being gigantic pissbabies and are mad that an the individual company that decided to make a mobile game (which may be good and not have that microtransaction bullcrap) and not how the gaming industry takes advantage of them for suckers. Or how consumers allowed for things to get to this point with complete fear of putting politics into games or looked into how games could negatively impact people.

And they want to turn being mad about something they loved to a full on revolt over a possibly bad game. They don’t deserve Blizzard if that’s the breaking point.


I didn’t get to listen to this yet myself, but on the earlier topic:


Arghh. My sword school is hosting a really cool seminar with a visiting instructor on December 1st, but Charlotte and I are going to PAX Unplugged. For about a month my dumb brain has been thinking that “the last weekend in November” and “December 1st” were two completely separate dates.

Philly’s close enough that I might be able to do both, but that seems super complicated and Unplugged is only a three-day PAX (hence Saturday is a pretty big deal).


Welcome to my world. Thanks to PAX I’ve missed a friend’s wedding. I’ve also missed at least three awesome one night only concerts mostly from artists/bands that come from very far away.


I have indeed borjed my computer while attempting to get my m.2 drive with Windows. Now I got nothing. Any suggestions?