Fail of Your Day


You see things in person that you don’t get to see on TV. You can look anywhere you want, and aren’t restricted to where the TV cameras are pointing. You can see warmups. You can see what happens during commercial breaks and timeouts. You can hear what is happening on the ice and don’t have to hear any TV ads or other bullshit. At MSG there is live music! Get some Ray Castoldi action.

Maybe you’ll get a crappy free t-shirt from the blue crew or a puck to the face!


No one goes just for that… Maybe some crazies do I suppose but most people don’t. It’s just another thing to do and get excited about in person with friends along with the panels and concerts and cosplay and being among your people. It’s why I went to the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest. Sure there were announcements but I wanted to see the devs and the band and the contests and all the rest.


I’ll be as stubborn as I damn well please.


People go to that. Even at PAX, big industry panels had long lines and full rooms.


This has EVERYTHING to do with what you don’t like. You don’t like it, so it has ZERO value to you. It obviously has value to other people, otherwise no one would go and Blizzard would cancel their convention. The fact that you continue to not realize this boggles my mind.

Different people have different opinions and different tastes. Your opinion is not superior to anyone else’s. You are not the arbiter of what is good or worthwhile.

So you personally find value in extraneous things that are completely unrelated to the game itself. If I don’t find value in that, does that make me a bad person? Does that lessen my enjoyment of the hockey game itself? No, of course not. It just means that we have difference preferences.


Right but not -just- for that. If all Blizzcon was, was Paul Marketing from Blizzard getting on the stage and making press announcements you wouldn’t have nearly the attendance.


I like stupid idle games. I admit they are stupid, worthless, and a waste of time.

Someone liking paying to see a press conference doesn’t justify it. It’s still a fucking stupid waste of time.



Can we make it a new rule that arguments with Robot-Scott about him not understanding human emotions and motivations happen directly in the Fail of Your Day thread from the start? It’s so much better this way.


Maybe we should make a thread for it so it doesn’t clutter things up.


Lol. In this instance it works in this thread on 2 levels. It started as blizzard’s fail with their mobile game and ended up with our collective fail even having the discussion. It’s gosu times two!


You know what’s the best part about banging your head against a brick wall?



So the best part is the impact? Do it over and over again?




I don’t understand why Scott has such a hateboner for Blizzcon. It’s basically just PAX for a lot of people. Not everyone cares exclusively about tabletop. :wink: And unlike say, Twitchcon, it isn’t a disaster.

The only part I agree with is that anyone who’s so deeply invested in Diablo that they fly to Blizzcon to hear an announcement about Diablo and then rage that it wasn’t the announcement they wanted is an entitled gomergate-adjacent fool.

But Blizzcon is aight. Scott straw-manned the people who go to PAX and only go to the Expo Hall, and applied said strawman to Blizzcon.


There’s still not much to do at Blizzcon.


What do I need to know about twitch con? The quoted statement is the one that illuminated its existence to me.


It’s basically a tournament stage event. That, and you have the community in the same city hanging out and getting food and drinking and carousing. That latter part is is half of why I go to PAX! Otherwise I can just play games at someone’s house.

Going to Blizzcon is a lot like going to AGDQ. Either you’re a pro, and you’re there to pro it up. Or, you’re part of the community, and you’re there to engage in the community in-person and/or spectate some of the pros proing.


AGDQ not worth attending in person either if you’re not speedrunning or on the tech crew or something.


Ok now this one seems in direct contradiction to your stated reasons for wanting to watch a hockey game at the garden. You say you wanna watch what happens during commercials and not have the annoying announcers. It seems like you go for the same reason.

Maybe you wanna see what it looks like between runs where everyone is setting up the things, or the practice area or any of the other equivalents to why you’d go see a hockey game. Get a… controller to the face?