Fail of Your Day


Gonna need a LOT more detailed information.


Ok long form. I wanted to install both a m.2 hard drive and a USB card. Both are in the case but the USB card is lacking power due to me not having a long enough molex cable.

So both in plug everything up, was able to boot to the original SSD without an issue. Check Bios and detected that it can read the drive. Reset boot to usb with Windows 10, point it to the M.2 and start install.

Install requires a restart, bios is checking stuff out and very loud beeping takes place. Give it a minute for it to stop and turn itself off. Turn back on, no beep all LEDs on motherboard are red and no signal for me to get into the BIOS.



Unplug everything but cpu and ram and see if it at least posts. If it beeps at you funny you’ll need some way to determine why it’s beeping at you, maybe an LED to read post codes or something.

Supposing it posts fine, plug in just the M2 drive and see if it shows up in bios. If it does, plug your windows dvd or usb in and do a clean install. Salvage whatever files from the old drive separately that you want.

If the M2 drive doesn’t show up do the same thing with just the sata drive.

Don’t dick around with the usb card or whatever else until you’ve established a stable system with a clean install. Minimize variables. If you want, burn or put on a usb stick some bootable memory test software and run that to see if maybe something else is going on.


Had to change a client’s phone unlock code last week. Today they called because they couldn’t unlock their phone. They had apparently changed it over the weekend and forgot the new code already.


What’s PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) for the modern era?


Closest I can come up with is “stupid users” who will break any and everything.


How about the “ID10T” error?


So dark witchcraft has taken over some of the VMs in our lab will causes them to not resolve any DNS requests except when I use nslookup. It’s fucking weird.


Make sure nslookup is using the same DNS server as other applications.

Also, don’t use nslookup, use dig instead.

Also, get some packet inspector and filter it so you only see the DNS requests.


If you guessed “I bet this is some stupid IPv6 thing,” YOU’RE CORRECT! For some reason, some of the linux machines aren’t failing over to IPv4 when they can’t resolve things via IPv6.


Another reason to use dig instead of nslookup. IIRC dig supports IPV6 and nslookup only supports IPV4.


Cause, “connection timed out; no servers could be reached” really blew this wide open. :roll_eyes:


Just sayin’. dig is the hotness. nslookup is officially deprecated.


Yeah, I guess I was a little harsh, I’d never heard of dig before now. Just don’t pat yourself on the back too hard, using dig didn’t reveal anything I didn’t already know.


IIRC, nslookup skips your own host file too.

That’s burned a lot of younger ops people I’ve worked with.


Endless editing of a short story I want to submit. Ever time I read it after one version I find new mistakes and flaws. Also doesn’t help that I ended up cutting nearly half of it out.

Also thin Japanese apartment walls have led to several awkward conversations between myself and upstairs neighbour.




BUGGER! In my defence I was eating dinner. That said I will not correct it. It will stand, with other such mistakes, as a monument of my stupidity.

In fact fun story. My spelling is so bad my auto correct now thinks that the crap I’m trying to write it the the correct spelling. God almighty has that caused problems.


I couldn’t resist! A flaw when talking about editing to catch flaws!


Fair play it was so wide open you couldn’t miss. So juicy. I just found out that it wasn’t my naff spelling or reading but the Y key on my laptop is dying.