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You can hang out with people outside the convention. If a convention doesn’t have actual things TO DO, I’ll either lobbycon, or not attend at all. That even goes for PAX or MAGFest as well. A convention needs to give you a reason to be inside. What does your badge get you that you can’t get if you are stuck outside? Blizzcon is not like other good conventions that have things to do. It’s like PAX, but it’s not even just the Expo Hall (like E3). It’s just one booth in the Expo Hall, and that’s it.

Also, you can buy the same worthless merch online.

A sporting event is worth attending in person. I paid a lot go to a hockey game last night. How is an announcement worth attending in person? Nobody pays to attend sports teams press conferences in person, nor would they. We let reporters attend and just read the news later. Imagine if teams started having their press conferences in the arena and charged for admission! It would be a laughing stock.

Concerts and cosplay contest are good. But unless you are in the cosplay contest, I guess you can just watch it online. Same for the panels. Unlike other conventions Blizzcon streams EVERYTHING. You just buy that virtual ticket and stay at home.



You do realize that you just stated that going in sports game is valuable without giving any actual reason. You just said it is. Not the strongest argument.

Fact is, reason and logic doesn’t matter, if someone wants to go to Blizzard on for any or no reason, then it has value for that person.


Don’t bother. Scott just doesn’t get it. He’s incapable of understanding why someone would do something that he doesn’t like. The type of social camaraderie that you’re describing is completely alien to him.


I mean, you say that but scrym are on record saying magfest is their ‘freinds all come to the one con’, con. I imagine he can relate on that dimension. Wow friends are just friends. Scott has friends.


A sporting event is a performance. You are witnessing athletic feats of skill, strength, prowess. It’s just as equally valuable to spectate as any other artistic performance such as a concert, a play, or circus.

Unlike a lecture, which may or may not be valuable to attend, a press conference is an advertisement. Even if it is educational it can not be trusted because it serves a corporate for profit interest. Even if it is worth paying attention to, it is not worth paying or traveling to attend in person. Nothing is lost by having it relayed to you via the media, or simply reading the press release.

Yes, but you could get together at any place on earth. If MAGFest did not have concerts and games and a big arcade, we wouldn’t go. We would just get together at some house somewhere. We get together at MAGFest because we can do specific things there together that we can not do anywhere else.

Does Blizzcon even have a LAN so the people can at least play WoW? Not that they couldn’t do that literally anywhere else.


This is why the people I know go. It’s their annual group meet-up. It’s also a big part of their cultural identity. In a lot of ways it’s like people that go to sporting events for “secondary” reasons instead of just to specifically watch the event. They go to be “among their people/culture/etc”. Growing up around St Louis that was a huge factor with Hockey and Baseball where there were plenty of people that wanted to go to games… a lot for the surrounding spectacle.


Why do people go to the Tokyo Game Show? Or E3? Or Any of the big consumer shows? They’re all paid advertisements essentially.


Don’t only journalists go to those?


They shouldn’t. Those events are even more worthless than Blizzcon.


No. E3 goes back and forth on allowing non-journalists to go, but the Tokyo Game show is open admittance.

When I lived in Japan, I went to the TGS twice.


Again, YOU think they’re worthless. Others disagree.


What is the specific benefit of attending Tokyo Game Show or E3 in person that makes it worth the cost and effort to attend?


Who knows?

But that’s my point. Obviously there is some benefit and enjoyment factor to the people who do go. Just because you can’t understand and comprehend that doesn’t mean that there isn’t.


I believe they do. You can definitely play wow at blizcon. If there’s a new expansion coming out there’s also a preview of the features there, where you can play it early. Often there’s also a like organized pvp thing there. Where you can play this organized pvp thing while actually being able to talk to the other people in it.

Very uncommon to be able to do those things. I believe they also have a videogame history thing where you can play old bliz games you’ve probably not played like old vikings.

I still think the major draw is the fact that likely a bunch of your friends that you really wanna chill with are gonna be there and the whole con serves as an excuse to see them. While you’re there you may as well take part in the activities that are on offer. Try asking a blizzard employee some stuff you’re curious about at one of their panels.

I remember when I wanted to go I couldn’t even afford the stay at home pass. Highschool students be poor, yo. I remember when I eventually caught panel footage on youtube or the dance contest, I was sorta amazed how many people were like, really really into the roleplay aspect of the game. Asking about where certain specs of certain classes fit into the story at large.

I didn’t care and I thought I wouldn’t have much in common with those people but I imagine they had their own reason for going. Something having to do with roleplay.


The simple fact that someone enjoys a thing does not validate that thing.


And the simple fact that you don’t enjoy a thing doesn’t invalidate it.


I actually like many Blizzard games a lot. I’ve played and beaten most of their games. I play Hearthstone almost every day. I actually watched most of the Hearthstone Global Games stream from Blizzcon.

Naoza has pointed out some things that happen there which aren’t completely worthless. I don’t like WoW, I don’t enjoy those particular bands performing at BlizzCon concerts, I don’t enjoy cosplay that much, but I acknowledge them as valid activities.

This has nothing to do with what I like or do not like

I don’t acknowledge attending an advertisement in person as a valuable activity. What is the specific benefit of being physically in the room when such an announcement is made? What makes it worth traveling and paying money?


Why do you go to live hockey games when you can just as easily see it on TV? With replays, zooms, announcers and commentary, arguably TV is the superior experience. Yet you wrote you paid money to go see the Rangers game in person.

Why? What does seeing the Rangers play live give you that TV doesn’t?


Guys, stop trying to out stubborn each other.