Fail of Your Day


Can USB work across optocouplers? That’d be a good way to isolate things.


IIRC yes but you need like a $100 cable.


Commercial things exist but most bump you down to 12Mbps. It would be faster for me to rip open each drive. Naoza’s suggestion works for most of my use cases but lawyers can get really picky about the hardware we use, which is half the reason the expensive hardware exists in the first place.
A hub might do the job without the performance problem. I’ll give that a try with some garbage hardware when I’m bored at work.


Not surprising the CIA would put a lot of work into USB vectors, since it’s how the Chinese hacked the US Army’s network.

Now you can’t put a computer with a USB port onto the SIPR network because they had so many problems.


I would like to Salute whoever here did it:


All DVDs all the time. It’s horrible. Necessary, but horrible.


Just got fired from my current job. I didn’t really like that place anymore but it still stings like hell.


That’s rough dude, my sympathies.


Yes, these are a Magic card. Yes, they are the ugliest Magic card ever printed, and there will be at least 34 others like it. For explanation: WOTC has started to insert very special cards which only appear about once in “a case”, which is six displays or about 210 boosters. They are called the masterpiece series and have special, set specific frames and are foil. They did this a year and a half ago with “Expeditions” for Zenidkar which look like this and due to their success made it a regular thing thing with “Inventions” from Kaladesh which look like this.

The new set has an egyptian theme but sweet sejenus these are fugly. Regular card frames remain the way they have for the last 15 years or so, though they also made a questionable design choice for a new mechanic, though this card is unconfirmed for now.

Edit: This might be an April Fools joke. That is my only hope.


A series of unfortunate event in the case of a week.

-Great uncle is dying and getting in worse condition and I’m caught in the middle of all this family drama involving taxes and accounts.
-Mom’s car broke down on way to wedding gotta balance travel conditions during tense times
-Discovered my apartment is infested with termites
-Brother has failing immune system due to obsession of listening to online personas primarily through juicing and taking supplements.

This is way too much shit to deal with at once.


Today one of my professors took 5-10 minutes of class time to explain why “An Inconvenient Truth” is terrible and wrong, fully supported by two plots on wikipedia.


My 11th grade history teacher (in most ways the best one I had) showed us a video of the planes crashing into the twin towers with Hunter Thompson talking over it about how you can’t trust the government. This was at the end of the year so she was well aware of my Thompson fandom and I think that’s why she chose that video.


These people seemed to have been failed instead of failing themselves. (Note: It was from the 23rd of March despite the sub-title seeming April Fooly.)


A good friend of mine scheduled his wedding for Labor Day Weekend.


Don’t go. Everyone else’s life is more important than anyone who might be getting married.

My sister told me she was getting married on during the European Juggling Convention, the biggest juggling event of the year. I told her I might not make it to the wedding, especially because I’d missed the convention previously due to my brother getting married. In the end she changed the date of her wedding because it was bad for other people too.

I’ve now been to 16 European Juggling Convnetions in a row.

Also I had a friend who missed half an EJC to go to a wedding, and she told me it was one of her biggest regrets. She thought she was really good friends with the couple and it would be special day for them all, but it wasn’t. It was just a special day for the couple. For her, she hardly spoke to them, except a few words. She didn’t eat with them at either the breakfast or the main reception, as only family was allowed at the head table. And due to assigned seating, and as she was single, she was put on a table with people she didn’t even know, rather than a table with other friends, due to them being couples.

Treat your friends wedding as them putting on a first gig of a cover band, but a vanity project where the costs are covered by a private backer, and it’s an only gig so they aren’t out to win fans. They are going to pretend to be rock stars, and ignore or not have time for anyone who isn’t in the band. This might be a fun event, but would you miss the main vacation trip of your year for it?

The better the friend they are, the more they will understand you missing their wedding.


That just sounds like a good excuse to not have to go.


Well, it’s also a good chance to see a bunch of friends who are scattered all over the country and whom I haven’t seen in a good year or so.


I’d skip my own wedding for PAX.


Pax wedding. Problem solved


We skipped the wedding of two very good friends for PAX.