Fail of Your Day


You don’t need to see Grease. It’s less a movie and more a bunch of musical numbers.
Grease has no plot. You can just buy the soundtrack and still get the full experience.


It’s not about Grease. It could be anything that the mother in law in question decides you are culturally deficient without.

I recall a time when it was “How dare you presume to run a fantasy game without having read Return of The King.”


Next time send her this.


But the movie has movement has feeling…


The only time that sort of argument is appropriate is when the other party is claiming to know something or be good at something.

Even then only when the thing you’re “how dare you”-ing is a necessary prerequisite for doing that thing.

Two examples off the top of my head and a counter example:

You claim to be a mathematician but you cannot perform basic arithmetic, how dare you not know 7+5?

You claim to be a good C++ programmer but you’ve never heard of pointers? (how dare you) (I actually witnessed this exact conversation back in college, college kids are kinda idiots, and wanna show off)

Counter example, basically any time the thing is not necessary prerequisite knowledge.

So like: You claim to be a mathematican but you’ve never read principia mathematica? (how dare you).

Like dude, just because I’ve not read a really impressive textbook written in latin by a dead asshole, doesn’t mean I don’t understand the concepts taught within. I was taught by a book or a person written by or taught by someone who (on and on down the line) eventually actually did read that book. I got what I need. Back off.


I went to the dentist today. They needed to do a really deep filling. The Novocaine mostly didn’t work. It numbed up my cheeks and lips real good but the actual tooth nerve was barely effected. I was shaking by the end of it. It’s been 5 hours and I’ve still got a soreness back there.


Ddos and hacking has been the theme for me today at work, everything is figuratively on fire and my day looks far from over. Send help or a sniper to take me out, both work.


Dentist buddies! I went today for 3 fillings and came out with a surprise wisdom tooth extraction.


It was a good run but my desktop has finally bit the dust. Was planning on upgrading anyway but I was trying to push it off until tax return time.


ha ha no


MS Office is going to become an organization only piece of software I think. Libre Office is too good these days for home use, not to mention Google docs. Hell for most people WordPad is more than enough.


For home use, I use in order of the complexity/polish of my document:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Google Docs
  3. Adobe Indesign

Nothing else is needed.


I actually use WordPad. For what I write, which is 90% my own fiction pieces, I have no need for anything more. I used Docs to do my resume and that’s the most complex thing I’ve done since college.


Knock the first one off Rym’s list and you’ve got mine as well. I’ve ended up preferring to write fiction to the cloud just to make sure I don’t lose any work.

I remember in college, I would actually write papers in InDesign.

And I think even on the org level, sticking with MS Office is more of an inertia and comfort thing than anything else for some companies. I’m pretty sure every spreadsheet my office could be entirely GDocs if we needed to be and people didn’t cling to their pre-cloud Outlooks.


Just write it in LaTeX. If you do so, it will automatically be assumed to be correct. :slight_smile:


I only have office because my CAD program relies on Excel for certain functions and so for example, without Excel installed if I bring up the hole tool, it tries to bring up tables of industry standard drills and taps and crashes. Same if I do almost anything in the structural tubing or simulation ennvironments, they just completely lock up and crash my program if I’m without Excel.

I’ve tried the alternative programs to see if they work but no dice.


I’m sick at home and of course it’s today that my upstairs neighbor decides to remodel his goddamn bathroom.


That seems like a badly written program to me. e_e


I got a 24 hour ban on PUBG because of a glitch that made the camera get stuck in the ground.


My cat now wants to sleep on my computer, in doing so he will turn it on/off since the power button is on the top of the case, I am now trying to find a “box” to protect this -_-