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White supremacists use it in a slightly different configuration. Flat armed, palm upward. They’ve evolved it pretty specifically.

It’s also never used by a normal old person in any context other than an explicit “OK” scenario, so almost any other context of use (or lack thereof) is suspect.

Its old use isn’t even a common gesture in the US anymore: most people use the thumb up gesture instead.

Most importantly, I’m more than willing to be wrong. If someone has red flags, I cut them out. That gesture is toxic, and anyone who makes it is at best ignorant of the current political climate (which itself is a red flag).

I treat it the same way I treat certain 8chan/nazi/alt-right/incel/mra shibboleths. If someone uses them, the best case scenario is that they hang out a lot with actual people of those types, which is a giant red flag.


That’s true they are pretty specifically using the “Trump” version.

Also “the circle game” is almost always emphasizing the circle part, and is almost always upside down and/or below the waist; and almost always I’ve seen with straight, aligned fingers, not curved or fanned out, which is how an OK gesture usually gets done in my recollection.


Ah I never caught the part where it’s a palm up gesture if it’s being used in that context. It was still their intention to poison the metaphorical well though.


The first time I was told that “OK” gesture is a symbol for white power, it was told to me by a 4chan person. Who just thought it was funny like “Oh man, the mainstream media is taking this shit seriously, isn’t it funny?”

It doesn’t matter that symbol became a dogwhistle intentionally or ironically, the shitty online people wanted it to happen and white supremacists happily adopted it. They enjoy it on that nihilistic “my logic is always superior level” no matter how it’s used or not used now.


Maybe I’m weird in that I generally used the OK symbol more often than thumb up (or at least about as frequently). But then again, I’m also a bit older than most of the people on here, so perhaps age has something to do with that?

Yeah, that’s the problem I’m bitching about as I need to shake my habits of using it because of what it’s become in the current political climate. I shouldn’t have to do this, but I understand why I must. It also annoys me that, after this, what else will be next on the shitlords’ “let’s corrupt something innocent” list.


To be fair, some of this forced appropriation is probably going to revert to a neutral state. There may be a time when you can share a “Feels Good Man” alongside a wholesome Simpson’s meme without causing people to question your ethics but right now it’s kinda likely we’re gonna see a Total Meme War, with good memes crossing the event horizon into the sphere of bullshit.


I take a much more aggressive approach.

Meme warfare is real warfare. We’re at the earliest stages. We’re learning how effective and dangerous muskets are, but the lewis guns are just on the horizon.


So I read use of weapons and I am not seeing how Zakalways adventures are relevant here.


What is a weapon?


A miserable pile of…


A chair.
Fifteen four legged characters.


Anyone else suddenly feel like playing Metal gear Rising?


I always feel like playing Metal Gear Rising, but I get what you are saying.


Culture wars are distinct from violent wars and I think saying “meme warfare is real warfare” is kind of misleading. Memes can’t maim or kill anyone. They can radicalize, but then so can colleges. You wouldn’t call Harvard a military academy, tho. For meme warfare to be real warfare, I think you’d have to classify other forms of culture war like Eisenhower’s Jambassador program to be warfare, which I think is a stretch.


Zazzle’s content approval team nuked almost everything in a store for American Iron Front, a group that saw my logo designs and asked if I could help them make/sell stuff. Specifically, they liked the American Resistance and American Antifa logos I’d done, and I redesigned some of their logos to better suit the stuff they wanted to make.

Zazzle took down the American Resistance logo and anything associated with it. They took down everything with American Antifa logos on it. They took down all but 4 items that had the American Iron Front logo.

Why? They said it violated their content rules. When pressed, they said that it was because Antifa promotes violence. Fair point. However, Iron Front doesn’t, and American Resistance is literally ANYONE who wants to have a “resistance” themed logo on some item.

And here’s the kicker: Zazzle has kekistan, maga, and deplorable merch.

When I pointed this out, they said “Oh, well, if something is offensive, it should be reported.” REALLY? the “content team” saw fit to broadly take down items in my store that were not Antifa, did not promote violence, but saw fit to let all the other racist garbage slide by?

I’m not buying it. It’s either abject stupidity or intentional political sidelining of something someone doesn’t agree with. Either way: Fuck Zazzle.


Sorry to hear that, there are a ton of other on demand print services out there to choose from that would probably be happy to have your business!


This one’s pretty funny for me, as I spent quite a few years dealing with telecom billing software. That quote about “extracting” money from these poor private businesses is kinda fucked. Externalize all costs to the public, reap all profits to the great corporate overlords.

Thing is, I dislike how these fees work because every state regulates it differently and sometimes even down to individual cities you have so much red tape to deal with. But some of this stuff pays for 911 services. I can’t confirm which fees they’re talking about here, because the documents in the links in the article seem to be blank.

Fix for all of this is to seize these companies and make these public services…




Ever been on the receiving end of the old “How dare you have never seen Grease!” argument?

Fucking bullshit, that’s what it is.