Fail of Your Day



Biked home on Monday no problem. Didn’t bike yesterday in the rain. Went to leave the house this morning and the rear tire was hella flat. Easily found a giant hole in it. How was that not a problem on Monday??? No time to replace the tube until I get home tonight. Took the road bike to work. Weird to ride it without cleats.



I saw the Mario Tennis demo was available in the Switch eShop. I downloaded it. I setup everything for streaming perfectly. Apparently you can’t actually play it until June 1.


EDIT: Tried to stream Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon instead and the HTPC froze?

Double fail.


I had Guitar Center do some work on my Ibanez Artcore hollowbody electric guitar. I got it back yesterday but didn’t play it until tonight when I noticed that notes far up on the neck weren’t fretting right. They were mostly too sharp but sometimes too flat, even tho the string was in tune. Like, half way between the note it was supposed to be and the next note out of tune.

EDIT: Fixed it myself, moderately drunk at that.


Turns out milkshake duck was a sexist all along

(That is Pogo aka the guy that did the cool mashups with up, Alice in wonderland,Star trek tng, etc.)


Wow. I only ever knew about his work, and knew absolutely nothing about the person. The only story I heard about him was long ago when he messed up his visa to come to the US. Apparently he is a Disney/PIXAR employee? I don’t think that will be the case for much longer.

Welp, he’s done now. I’d say we should continue to expose all the shitheads, but this one exposed himself.


While going to a show my windshield got a crack in it…boo.


So, I just learned today that TV Shows on DVD shut down.

Man, that’s a bummer. It was great for finding info on releases.


Fail of the day? I woke up and went to work :smile:


Floor and balcony of all three shows for Gaslight Anthem in Boston sold out in the presale.


Keep an eye on StubHub?


There’s a community of Gaslight fans online that trade tickets at face value. I’m gonna look there first.


I’ve noticed this sort of thing happening for a lot of shows recently.


It turns out I had like three documents called “Reference Quotes” on my last computer and I backed up the wrong two. I lost thirteen pages of quotes so I’ll have to set up my last desktop to get it back.


That sucks to have to do but if it’s an option there’s a often a way to just get them off the harddrive directly, either by putting it into your computer or by using a special cable that turns any harddrive into a usb hard drive.


Thanks for the tip. Just ordered one such cable. I broke a SATA cable last time I messed around in there so I’d rather not if I don’t have to.


This is an anon ask to an artist I follow on Tumblr. Congratulations you played yourself.


Dealing with bullshit toxic masculinity and ‘I’m a veteran so I’m always right’ in a team where you play with toy guns is fucking exhausting. Dudes ego is so insecure that as a desk jockey he claimed to be fitter than someone who goes to the gym 3 times a week and coaches a basket ball team.


My dad always told me about veterans is that the ones that brag the most are the ones that did the least.