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Thats a far cop. The guy drove tanks during peace time and was out by the time things kicked off. 99% certain this is him living out fantasies he didn’t get.


The handful of veterans I personally know are really humble about it. One of them was my uncle, who I had known all my life, and I didn’t even know he was a vet (Vietnam, though he was stationed in Germany the whole time) until it came up when talking to my ex-father-in-law (also a Vietnam vet, though he served on an airbase in Vietnam) just a few years ago. For that matter, my ex-father-in-law is pretty humble about it too. He has some memorabilia on his desk (he continued to serve long after Vietnam ended) and a “Vietnam veteran” car magnet, but that’s about it. And my ex-brother-in-law only ended up with a veteran’s license plate when he went to register his car at the DMV and the clerk was like, “Hey, it says on this paperwork you’re a vet. Want the vet’s plate?”


The only vet I know is my uncle and he tells a lot of stories about it. Not stories of glory and valor, but stories of silly stuff like committee meetings or arguing over paying for pizza delivery. He’s also adequately mad at the government for having been on three tours of wars that we had no business fighting.


Excel and IP addresses do not get along.


Nope. Nor with date fields that aren’t perfectly formatted, nor with timestamps of video footage. It always converts stuff into time of day and shit like that. I’m sure there are ways to make it not format stuff automagically, but once you type something in and hit enter… too late! I’ve never worked out exactly how to not auto-format cells in advance, and just work around it.


I just remembered that I was only talking about American vets that I knew. My dad and his brother were veterans of the Portuguese Colonial Wars in Africa, specifically Angola and Mozambique. They almost never talked about it, except to talk about how nasty it was.

Of course, it seems like it’s mostly American vets that get off on saying, “Har har, I’m a vet so I’m better than you.” Or at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten on social media.


My grandpa only talked about the war once as far as I know. His life was saved by a book in his breast pocket that caught a piece of grenade shrapnel (he kept the book and the shrapnel), and he was part of the forces that liberated a concentration camp (I thought it was Bergen-Belsen, but Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything about American forces, so I might be wrong).


Two of my great uncles were in WWII. One was a ball turret gunner after he failed navigation school. However, on one mission the navigator was killed by enemy fire though the plane was still flyable, and with his incomplete training navigated the plane back to England. He got a Silver Star for that. The other was a marine at Iwo Jima and one other island I can’t remember. They both talked about everything up to the first time they went into combat, about training and their friends and all that. Gunner Uncle would talk about everything up to the point he first spotted a Messerschmidt fighter. Marine Uncle would talk about everything up to the point where the ramp dropped on their landing craft. It was a very definite line for them, it was a little spooky when they would get to that point, trailing off, thousand yard stare at the wall, then shake their heads and change the subject. We only know about Gunner Uncle’s medal because my great aunt had his medal and citation.


My grandpa on my dad’s side ended up being a POW of Nazi Germany.

He didn’t talk a lot about that. But I will do whatever I need to do to make sure his sacrifices were worth it.


That’s how I feel every time I turn on the news. My great uncles, your grandpa, my wife’s grandpa, they didn’t go halfway around the world and do and see shit no human should ever have to for the state we’re in now to happen.


My maternal grandfather ended up a POW of the nazis as well. He was a cook with the Italians and so he cooked for the nazis and stole enough from the kitchen to survive.

He died when I was four and I didn’t really get the chance to talk to him much about it, plus the language barrier would have made things tricky. I kinda always wondered where he was before Italy decided it didn’t wanna be fascist anymore.


So yeah, the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision (surprise, surprise) declared the most recent iteration of the Muslim ban constitutional.


Someday people will keep their Eye on the Supreme court prize…


What the fuck does it matter when the GOP will just steal your nomination ability?


They could only do it for so long if there was a D president they would have gotten the seat (also a lot of the close races in PA, MI and Wisconsin would have gone D instead of R).


I think they might have. They may well have just denied SCOTUS picks to the Democrats indefinitely. They suffered zero consequences last time.


Toomey and Johnson won by margins that would denote that if Trump had not won Wis and PA they would have lost their races. a loss of two seats would have made the senate 50-50. Would have changed the dynamics on a lot of things.(not to mention Clinton nominating instead of Trump.



Aren’t all of the parts of that system already in use elsewhere and have been for ages? Between kill cams in games in and replays in every sport ever (I mean, e-sports are a thing), I don’t see how this can hold up anywhere.


Its probably more their algorithms to determine what the best play was.