Fail of Your Day


I could not agree more.


I’ve been biking to work wearing a suit jacket in the heat. The main benefit of “huffing and puffing” so often, as Scott likes to call it, has been that if I bike at a low speed, I don’t even break a sweat.

As long as I don’t hurry, I get to work in about 15 minutes no worse for the wear than if I rode the subway (as long as it’s under 80*) :wink:


I also don’t break a sweat?

Also, biking is a LOT better than the subway. Today I was carrying a ton of crap with me, so I couldn’t bike. I took the train and it was super crowded and slow. Biking would have gotten me there in almost half the time.


According to Google maps, so take that as you will, it would take me approximately 1.5 hours to bike to work, as opposed to taking the Metro, which takes 40 minutes.

Additionally, I would love to live in the fictional world where DC/Northern VA summers are under 80 degrees with reasonable humidity.

Much has been said about the subway system in NYC, but where I live, the Metro might not be a frequent or as on time, but it’s infinitely better and more comfortable to take a train rather than bike in to work.


You’re a bit further from work than I am. Biking to work takes me 40 minutes if I just cruise and chill. The subway takes about just as long if it’s running perfectly smoothly. Even Google Maps says that biking is 5 minutes faster than the subway.

TL;DR: I think your solution is to move closer to work.


Biking to my old job took me ~30min if I pushed it and got sweaty. ~45min if I rode slow and chill.

But, it was only ~7 miles mostly on bike paths.


Mine is now 7.6 miles and it takes 40 minutes without a single huff. 44 minutes the one day I couldn’t get past the Midtown tunnel entrance on 2nd avenue because buses were blocking everything.


It’s amazing how much huffing and puffing it takes to shave 15min off a bike commute.

Now I tend to ride chill to work and huffpuff from work.


7.6 miles in 40 minutes is about 11.5 mph average. 30 minutes would be 15mph average. That is quite a big difference in effort.


I average 13-15 when I’m normally biking by myself (according to Strava). I can keep that up for a good 60-70 miles before I start to lose steam.

For rides under 20 miles I shoot for 16-18 unless I don’t want to be sweaty when I get where I’m going.

On the HVRR I averaged 13.3 over the 72 miles.


I give up. I am throwing away my Red Octane DDR pad. It’s been taking up space unused for over a decade. It’s broken, I just couldn’t accept it. If only the floors in the Beacon house had been stronger I could have gotten use out of it. RIP.

Until the day I retire and buy an arcade machine.


Worked on our chicken run this weekend, painting it, putting netting over the top and tent pegging the chicken wire into the ground. After losing the last two we’ll make sure it’s secure this time.

We moved the chickens into it after they’ve grown up from chicks in our spare room for a couple of months. We got four this time instead of two for a bit of safety in numbers.

This morning: no chickens. They were gone without a trace. A fox must have got them by getting under the chicken wire between my tent pegs.

I feel like I had a responsibility for them and I totally failed. They didn’t even last one night. That’s 8 dead chickens over a year that deserved better from me.



I have a third Red Octane pad. OG. I haven’t even tried to use it yet, since I still have two bootleg ones that work fine.


Bummer about the chickens Guy.


Have you been to DC in the summer? I’d get drenched just walking to work.


It’s just after 8:00 and I just started my workday part 2. I am working (not really) from 8 to 12.

The end is in sight, we’re over by almost an hour at this point.


First thing I saw reading the news tonight was “Reports of shots fired at Santa Fe High School,” which made me panic because that’s the name of the school I went to. After reading the article, I realized that it’s a different school with the same name. That doesn’t make what happened any less bad (and current reports make it seem quite bad), but it does take it out of my hometown (and into someone else’s).

That moment of panic was really eye opening. This has become so normal in the US that it needs to hit close to home to elicit such a strong response.


That happened several years ago for me. The one in Newton, CT (Sandy Hook Elementary). I have family in the CT school system. Thankfully not there, but I was horrified I’d lost my aunt who teaches in a nearby town. Then relieved that she was alright, then immediately guilty that I felt relief.

It’s just fucked up.


Only 8? That’s practically nothing.

Obviously if Texas had more guns, it would be 0.