Fail of Your Day



It does look like that.


Rochester why


Are you currently at RIT?


hanging out in Golisano, yeah. Power’s out in like a quarter of Monroe County, including my house.


I was gonna say, I thought that looked like the admin building. Very cool. Glad it didn’t do that while I attended. Sorry about the power.


Was planning to go the 2.5 hours drive Brooklyn last night, to see Carpenter Brüt with some friends.

Snow warnings, plus work in the morning, plus my Dad hounding me with some typical Dad advice in my ear, all came together and kept me home.

Of course we now know snow didn’t start until like 6am.

Feeling pretty shit. Pathetic, safe, easy choice. Should have gone all in.


Lost my water bottle not an hour into PAX. OTL


There has been a raft of fails since Christmas that has kept me off the internet or talking to people. A quick highlight;

  • A girl I had been seeing wasn’t happy with how we ended things decided to call up up a month later telling me she was pregnant. And then spend 4 hours telling me how it was mine and that I had to marry her or she was going to go to the police. Just great. All bullshit but still didn’t stop me from throwing up due to anxiety. This has had the joyful knock on effect that now every time I have sex I am petrified that they are now pregnant. This is all with protection.

  • For some reason, most likely uprooting my life to the other side of the world, I have developed a bit of a complex of control. As much of my day to day goings on are out of my control it comes out in strange ways. Namely when I need to pee. So yeah…I now get anxious about when I can pee…which is just great.

  • There is a 50/50 chance my cousin is dead after a month long drug bender. He was last seen ‘selling his art on the street’. He decided to live on the streets after Christmas despite my uncle offering him a place to say and all that.

  • Doing your Driving licence in Japan is maddeningly stupid, chronically mismanaged and bullshit. I waited 3 hours for one piece of paper to be checked and 45 mins for someone to take a photography of me. Dear god the bureaucratic system is massively backwards.

Otherwise things have been pretty good but these ones are the ones that are praying on my mind.


Looks like yet another live streamer (JonTron) is a confirmed shithead


@Ikatono Is there a way you can turn the autoplaying video into a link? It takes me by surprise every time I come into this thread.

Also, there’s a whole thread now regarding the JonTron incident.


I thought JonTron was confirmed douche quite a while ago?


[quote=“MATATAT, post:52, topic:210, full:true”]
I thought JonTron was confirmed douche quite a while ago?
[/quote]Nah, most people just waved it off as him just making inappropriate jokes, or playing a character. Turns out they were wrong.


Yeah he was sort of teetering of the edge for a little bit but is now a full on paint drinker it seems. Was nice to see that his reddit sub called him out on it. I mean he doesn’t read it but its still a good thing to see.

Edit; the crazy thing is when he starting bringing up how good Japan is. I mean because the imagration policy is working sooo well.

Edit 2; Oh god watch the video of his ‘debate’ Oh god. Like hes a fucking idiot. Full on fucking grade A chedder bell.


I just liked your post for the creative insults.


Its really hard over here I either can’t swear or people don’t understand what I’m saying. They build up a lot.


Sourcefed was cancelled.


That’s a fail? SourceFed was clickbaity garbage.


Oh I didnt really give a shit about their actual news stuff, but I enjoyed their other stuff a lot. At least most of them have podcasts and channels of their own. “Group 9” looks like a pretty garbage company to be owned by anyway after Discovery sold Sourcefed to them as part of an investment.


The “Up with cis” bus - currently in New York City: