Fail of Your Day


There is nothing more depressing than seeing some of your students, or their friends, make the same painful mistakes you made and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Gawwwd working with teenagers is fucking hard at times.


My phone melted to it’s charger last night. So that’s great.


Note 7 or iPhone 7?


Neither, Nexus 5X.


iPhone subscription plan. New iPhone every year.


Few things make a person’s day better than a terrible kickstarter.


Jack Nicholson has retired.

You’ll be missed. Thanks for the wonderful career.


I read Junji Ito’s Uzamaki and now I can’t stop thinking about the snail people fucking. IT IS THE WORST THING.


Despite the fact that the tracking website said that no signature was required. Fedex left a signature thing on my door and now I have to go pick up my new phone.



I found what I thought was a decent explanation of why so many people join alt-right and manosphere (I had to look it up too) movements. After skimming it once I realized it was actually written by u/LetThereBeWhite, someone I’d already tagged as “disgusting piece of shit”, and the position I thought he was criticizing was actually his own. It was almost surreal given how much I agreed with it on the first read.


I was basically let go from my job at a local theater. It was a job acquired through nepotism, and it was understood that I had literally no experience in this field. The production got hectic and training me was no longer viable, so they phased me out and put someone qualified for my position in. There’s no hard feelings, they even are letting me sit in on one of the preview shows, but it hurts just the same. This was going to look great on my artistic resume, but it was not meant to be.



Somebody didn’t escape their strings correctly…


I have been sick for the last two weeks and finally made it to the gym this morning. I got one body weight lunge in and then dislocated my knee on the second lunge. I now need surgery.

This is the second time I have seriously injured myself doing a banal, low strain gym exercise. The last time, I broke my foot because I fell over stepping up and down off a low box.



Knee dislocation as in you’ve ruptured your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or did your kneecap (patella) pop out of the groove?
Doing an ACL on a lunge just seems unusual as I would usually associate it with a very quick unusual rotation of the leg and would be incredibly painful.
Very unlucky, orthopaedic surgeries suck, especially the recovery for leg based ones, having a shower became quite the ordeal after my foot surgery.

You should be up and about soon enough though.


My patella just went on a short adventure out of and back into place.


Well that’s good, you can’t blame yourself for that one, just your Mum and Dad for their genes promoting patella luxations lol.
Should be a far better prognosis after the stabilisation surgery.
Good Luck!


I had the family’s 20 year old female cat euthanised today and I couldn’t be there for the procedure but the parents attended.
She beat heart disease for 12 years and 2 cancers which I removed early but I missed the third one. However “what ifs” never help this kind of situation.
Now waiting to see how depressed the male 19 year old will get before getting over it (she was always far smarter than he was :).
It’s kind of weird that I’m feeling relieved while the rest of the family is grieving so hard, I guess I was aware of how it was going to play out months in advance.


Yeah I’m worried about the day when one of our cats passes away. They’re both young and relatively healthy. The male had hip surgery a couple years ago when he had some sort of hereditary hip dysplasia (I don’t think it was that specifically) but they’re pretty close with each other. Hopefully there are many years before that event happens though.