Fail of Your Day


I could be wrong.


The true horror here is wpa_supplicant though, which accidentally sets your encryption key to all zeros when the handshake gets repeated. RIP Linux.


Ubuntu updated it today.


I love that all my equipment is wired and I don’t have to deal with this crap professionally.


I’m just glad we don’t have anything stupid like a wi-fi-enabled coffeemaker in our apartment.



I couldn’t say. At work we use UniFi access points and a hardware firewall doing pfsense

Earlier today I had to flash the new firmware found here to our access points. At home I have basically the same infra. A WRT54g with it’s wireless turned off hooked up to a unifi access point which I just updated the firmware after getting back from laguardia.

Good luck with your router.


Stardew Valley.

This is a game where I thought I would enjoy it, but ended up hating is. Fuck that game. It’s bullshit. I may go into more detail later. I don’t understand how people enjoy it’s limitation bullshit.


I’d say something close to enterprise grade, like something by Ubiquiti. They’ve already got patches out, and a few other of the more enterprise grade vendors have as well.

Consumer-grade stuff is probably SOL though.


Netgear has updated some routers, but not the WNDR3700. I really do not want to buy a new router. I’ll be checking out some open firmwares when I get a chance. If not…


Seconded. I don’t know exactly what your objections are, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same reason I couldn’t give less of a shit about that game. I MIGHT bother to try it again, if I could be bothered to find a mod that removes some of those limitations, but for now, yeah nah. It feels like a game that embraces the idea that you have to optimize all the fun out of it to actually get anywhere.


I bet the fundamental problem is that the game is designed for hardcore grognards who want a hardcore Harvest Moon, as opposed to a fun game.


I was going to try it, but I was waiting for co-op on PC. I heard the UI on the Switch still used a mouse cursor as if it was a PC game, but you controlled the mouse cursor with the right stick. Y U NO touch screen? I see no point in it other than the co-op. If I want to farm on my own, I already have Rune Factory 4.


Harvest Moon had high levels of polish in the game economy aimed at fun and exploration. I get the impression Stardew Valley doesn’t.


As the harvest Moon guy I can say that there are issues with the game. Sadly the switch version is simply going to be vanilla. Lots of your issues (where are people on the map, where do I find x, time being short) have been all fixed by the PC modding community.

I also am waiting for co-op before asking others to hop into the game because unless you played Harvest Moon 64 and FoMT or MFoMT there is a gap you need to jump before the game hooks you in.

In reality this was due to people comparing this game to Animal crossing, which is one of the worst comparisons to make. The quests that appear in game are nothing more than a means to get cash. When you start a game up you will not be complete most of them due to the items needed and the required time it takes to get. The best way to think about it is, “hey I have X in a chest, going grocery drop it off for some quick cash”

If you want a mod list of helpful things I can get it to anyone that wants it. SMAPI is almost at 2.0 making it even easier to manage mods.

Also too much of the coverage online are the min/max people sucking all the fun out of it. The best way to approach the game is to kick out all notions of progression. Simply work on the work you want to make and if other things happen, that’s cool but the important bit is to set your own goals and have fun with it.


That makes me not want to play it at all. A game that needs community mods to not suck is a game that sucks. Why play a crappy clone, when the real thing is available?


Honestly, the game is very forgiving IF you have played a bunch of harvest Moon. What I was trying to state that if you haven’t played it then you will feel like a brick wall.

Scott for your case you have played rune factory, which means you already have the knowledge needed for most of the time management things. So the issues Ro is describing you already know how to work around. So in your case I can safely recommend it to since most of the rune factory skills you have can transfer over to Stardew.

What I was trying to put across is that since the switch isn’t going to have mods I can’t recommend the game on there unless you played another entry in the series. If you want to have a taste of what old Harvest Moon is like either wait until co-op and play with someone a bit more seasoned or try it on PC with some mods.


Also typing lost posts on a cell phone sucks, advice no one else do this.


I played a lot of Harvest Moon as a kid and honestly Stardew felt pretty respectful of my time, if for no other reason than sprinklers. I’ve never used any mods and it seemed fine. I recommend have a wiki up though.


Sprinklers are so good in that game. One of the mods that I use is lookup anything which makes the wiki to be intergrated into the game.