Fail of Your Day


I’ll double check but it does have touch I think but it’s not practical. For the most part you don’t need to use the cursor.

I was trying to figure out if the run was slower because I was like… I don’t think I’m actually running. It sounds like it is somewhat slower but I haven’t personally confirmed.

I bought it since the PC version seemed fun from the 8 hours or so I put into it but I wanted to play on the couch. I still haven’t played much of it. I keep going back to Picross and Golf Story. Steamworld Dig 2 has been good so far too but I still don’t think I enjoy it as much as other Metroid style games. If you want a really good one of those on the Switch wait for Hollow Knight to come. I originally really disliked that game but once I sort of framed what that game was in my head it became really fucking good.


My wife really likes Stardew Valley but she also loves harvest moon and has beaten ALL of them. I don’t get the appeal of the genre myself.


I don’t either lol but I still play 'em.


Fail of my Booh-yah, I guess?
Had a written portion on a performance test for an IT job I am applying to.

…I accidentally sent them my work in progress rather than the finished version I had.

They still took it and said that they loved what I wrote and invited me for a final interview. So yay?


This happened near me. I am currently looking for any counter protests.


I am currently looking for headphone suggestions for the office



Since my drive home yesterday it’s been painful to curl my right index finger.


I left my keys at a friend’s house about 300 miles away.



It depends on so many things.

But straight up I would look at the Sony 1000x if the goal is to escape other human’s absolute bullshit but have the ability to listen in when needed. They are nice. Pricey, but noice.

Senn 598Cs are cheaper and good at isolation without using ANC.


The job I was so excited about a few months ago is a dud. I am an office manager at a non-profit law firm. The supervising attorney who has no managerial experience is an inept child and allows his senior attorneys (meaning they have worked there for a whopping two years) behave like gossipy assholes.

I will wait out the rest of my pregnancy, take maternity leave, and job search while I am on maternity leave. This place is nuts.


I think it’s the nature of non profits and charities. Several of my friends work or worked for non-profit organizations and every one was a three ring shit circus for various reasons.


I broke AD on Monday and found out this morning and while attempting to fix it I have completely screwed DNS somehow and broken everything now.


Well apparently I just had to restart the DNS service. I want my hour of utter panic back.


I know that Gothamist has come up a few times as a new resource


Uh oh. Those are literally the two places I get all my local news.


I didn’t know until now…