Fail of Your Day


I had a scratched eye once when there was some sand throwing at the lake as a kid. I don’t see how my eye could get scratched while sleeping.


Dust got in during REM? I’m pretty sure it’s happened to me exactly once before while sleeping.




It is October, but it’s neither Friday nor the 13th.


Wrong series, friendo.



I don’t live on Elm street either.


I had a friend wake up with a corneal abrasion and he had to see a doctor and what-not.


It happened to me once when a particularly crusty eye booger stuck to the edge of my eyelid in my sleep.


Going to have to sound super nobby but my horse died this morning UK time. He had colic and was 50/50 then had a massive heart attack and died. Its a bugger because it was something so silly that caused him to get sick. But he had a long life, and a good life at that so there is something. Sucks that I’m halfway across the world and my brother and mum have to deal with it. Will be worse when one of the dogs goes. Also have the dentist tomorrow.


My stock portfolio, which in all honesty is not a ton, took a huge dive because one of my bigger investments was in Shopify which is now under FTC investigation for misleading advertising.


Index funds only.


You got a case of bonitis.


My internet is already going to shit and is going to be basically useless for the next week or two because of the upcoming CCP congress.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to work on getting research published.


Seriously, I am ready to throttle a bunch of my coworkers. WTF? Who knew adults could be this childish?


First time meeting humans?


That’s a little condescending don’t you think?


Absolutely not.


Oh, I’ve dealt with childishness before, but yesterday reached a new low.


I’m being transitioned from exempt to non-exempt. Fuck everything.


Exempt from what?