Fail of Your Day


I would snag that from you if I weren’t on a shoestring budget.

My fail of the day is that my front door broke, so until I can get a hold of the landlord tomorrow morning for her to fix I am a ball of anxiety. Luckily it stays closed, which is the only thing putting my mind at ease.


I live in a village with a large farmstead basically right at its center. However, I was in Vienna all weekend due to the Magic Austrian National Championships. I arrived back home yesterday night and went to work this morning. This evening I returned only to find that the barn at the farmstead which I can see from the street I use into the village had burned down. Apparently that had already happened on Saturday evening and I didn’t see it at night when I returned and didn’t look for it when I left this morning.

Thankfully it appears that nobody, neither man nor cow nor pig, got injured.
Here’s a report, though it’s in german


I find it interesting that the one sole republican in my fraternity is the only one who voted to extend a bid to the white kid who said the N word.


Sounds like you should just remove this one sole Republican from your fraternity.


If he weren’t an outgoing senior I would be pushing hard for this.


Why not push hard anyway? Why let them have their last year?


I’m leaving that decision up to our African American chapter president.


At least voice your concerns. Don’t be complacent and not say shit.


Oh I did. We did not give that guy a bid and when the person who wanted him still said “Wow that hard-r really turned a lot of people off of this guy” I looked him dead in the face and said “as well it should”. I was not silent but as I am a pretty new member I’ll leave any other decisions to the people in charge. That is their job.


Having a violent gastrointestinal virus while pregnant is not only awful, but genuinely frightening. When your OB asks ominous questions like “is the baby moving” and “are you bleeding,” one enters a realm of helpless fear that I simply cannot put into words.


I hired a cinematographer friend of mine from college to film my best friend’s wedding. I’ve seen his work. I’ve been IN his work. I know he usually does great work. He’s worked on features and TV shows and commercials. He’s a pro.
So, he’s filming and I’m handling the editing.


I’m SO glad that I lent him my camera to have as a wide on the ceremony and during the reception because, even though his camera is more than 3x more expensive than mine, his footage has a heavy layer of grain on it and everything looks washed out. I don’t know how he set it up but oh my god is this going to need some post-processing. And then a lot of his shots are out of focus. Not HORRIBLY so, but enough that I’ve got to think about how much time I give them in the final cut.
And then EVERYTHING is going to need to be stabilized. Like, a lot.

Meanwhile everything from my camera is crisp and clear and noise free.

To add on top of that, rather than putting a LAV on the groom and having to worry about battery and the length of the ceremony and possible wireless interference, and the fact that his camera only records 18 minutes at a time, I happened to have a portable recorder with me (because I’m me) so we plugged my that into the mixer that the wireless handheld they were using for the ceremony was plugged into. We did a sound check before the ceremony. The mic was coming through clear as a bell.
So, I’m sitting in the second row with my family and I decide to connect my cellphone to my recorder via it’s wifi feature. Figure I can drop track markers during the ceremony to make editing and syncing easier. When the music is playing, the VUs bounce up and down, but when they’re talking, it’s pretty flat. I can hear them coming through the PA speakers. But nothing on the meters. I hoped and prayed that maybe the app on my phone was borked.
At some point, I guess, the input from the PA was set to bypass the phones output and go straight to master out.

SO I’m gonna have to use what both of our cameras recorded and combine/clean up what I can get from them.


At least the reception’s audio was fine.


I tried to jump to grab the pull up bar at the gym, rolled a 1, and missed my grip. I’ve had a concussion all weekend and have been avoiding screens and books on doctors’ orders. My gosh it has been dull.


Was given counterfeits tonight on the job. I’m sure I’m in for a fun filled adventure with the Secret Service. Called them at least to get the ball rolling.


I’m worried I have gingivitis, or at least some gum problem.


My wife and I have been given a pair of terrapins with all the stuff we need to look after them, the tank itself is massive too. Brilliant!

The pump only works if it is under the tank as it works by gravity siphoning the water. We have no item of furniture that will guaranteed support the weight of a full fish tank.

It’s been very difficult to find a proper stand for this size of tank. Only one I’ve seen so far is £250 or needs to ship from abroad. Meanwhile there’s no water movement and two terrapins that need to keep on living.

Checked the breed and stuff to see if they’ll be ok for a few days and discovered it’s a breed that’s no longer legal to own or sell.


Greetings from a hospital waiting room, I’m about to show you one easy trick to acquire thousands of dollars in debt! Banks will love me!

Edit: not as bad as I thought, but still puts a huge hamper on my plans for the next few months.


My headphones beefed it in one ear so now I can’t play PUBG until replacements arrive.


Bit the shit out of one side of my tongue in my sleep last night. Now its all swollen and filling my mouth like old ham.


I woke up and it felt like there was something in my eye. So I went to the mirror to check it out. I checked very thoroughly and couldn’t find anything. Not even under my eyelids. My eye isn’t red or puffy or anything. It looks fine. It just feels like there is a grain of dirt something when I blink. Left eye only.

I used the usual methods of creating excessive tears and trying to wash it in the shower. No luck. I bought some eye drops at the drug store. I tried them two times. No luck. It still feels like there is something in my eye

What do I do?


Could be a scratch? If they are super minor, they’ll hurt for a while and heal on their own (unless your eyes are dry and you keep scratching it).

Grit/dust in your eyes or a stray apple tree branch could easily give you a little scratch. Happened to me once as a kid.