Fail of Your Day


Overtime probably.


Overtime rules. In theory I can now be paid overtime. In practice this super limits my ability to flex my hours.


Over time and benefits I’d guess.


I know very little about the non-salaried world, and I don’t think I want to know more.


It can be okay if it’s a white collar or tradesperson sort of job but by and large it blows, even for most of what I just mentioned.


When I worked at the hospital, it was salaried, but vacation time accrued based on hours worked. So you got paid in vacation days if you worked overtime.


Usually I’d flex my hours. Work overtime one week and take time off the next. I’ve never worked more than an average of 40hr/wk over the course of a month.


What was the new low in this instance? If you mind sharing.


That doesn’t seem too bad if it worked like my job does. We technically earn time on a per hour worked basis but we get a grant we can borrow against at the beginning of the year so we can take vacation whenever we want.


My team had a big software deployment today. Meant that I worked 12 and a half hours today. Also get to get up at 7 AM tomorrow for a conference call (11PM currently). And I was the lucky one because other guys on my team worked yesterday from 8 AM til 2 AM the next day, then get up and started working at 8 AM again until half past 10 PM today).


An old friend/acquaintance just knocked on my door to inform me she was running for (exceedingly) local office. Without having read the pamphlet she gave me, I didn’t know she was in the process of transitioning, and referred to her by the wrong gender even after she told her name was Raven now.

I feel like crap for having done so and had to try many times to remember my facebook password (eventually succeeded) so I could apologize as that’s the only method I could think of to contact her. I quickly gave something to her campaign and made a note of where and when to appear to vote for her when the election is.

So, I guess, boo-yah?


It happens friend, I’ve slipped up by accident myself with pronouns. It’s when you do it on purpose or refuse to change that you’re a jackass.


On a related but opposite note, I’m having trouble keeping some of my friends from using my new name and pronouns. Most people I’ve come out to are way more ready for me to transition than I am.


Do you mean like around other people you haven’t come out to?


No I got them to be good at not doing that. But I don’t want to be she yet at all.


Ahhh I see. At least they are cool accepting folks.


Five adults not only commented on but also complained about labor law print outs, which are legally required to be openly displayed, being placed on the one communal cork board our office has at the moment. The board was almost completely empty before I put the postings up, so nothing was moved/removed to make way for them. They wanted the postings to be placed in the break room, which I would have done, but we are a non-profit waiting on our grant payment to come through, so I can’t order a cork board for the break room right now. These people are attorneys and legal professionals. They complained en masse about papers on a cork board. I can’t process that level of pettiness.

@GeorgePatches, if it helps, salaried non-excempt may soon go the way of the dodo.


At least where i work, it’s based off of time worked over 2 weeks, so I could flex my time within a two week pay period.


Apple’s VP of diversity says ‘12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room’ can be a diverse group

Sure, that’s a form of diversity, but if it’s the only kind of diversity you have that’s a problem.

So what you’re saying is that the content of someone’s character isn’t the only thing we should judge people by, we should also endeavor to judge them by the color of their skin?

I know I whine about my reddit arguments a lot, but can people please stop with the disingenuous MLK quotes? Please?


If it was per half month pay period, I would be less annoyed. My manager is looking into getting this reversed.