Fail of Your Day





Pretty much and the JETs have stopped being confused by their washing machines for five minuets to ask if they get the day off.


The ever encroaching feeling that most of my family has a lot of toxicity or person-adjacent toxicity that I can’t avoid because of monetary reasons. Don’t have the freedom to break free and I have too much anxiety to get certain things done. Job hunt has been demoralizing, nothing even offers the amount of benefits I get with my family’s work either.


There are Americans tweeting about Obama not assisting during Hurricane Katrina. Also the stupid Trump pardon for the racist sheriff and literally just blocking the Supreme Court.

Seems like dictatorships could learn a thing or three from Trump.


My girlfriend of 3 years left me last night, apparently being faithful was too hard.


A shit that sucks, sorry buddy. Don’t let the buggers get you down.


I’m so sorry :frowning:

Here is a video of some puppies playing if you would like it.


That’s really rough, mate. I’m sorry.


thanks, it’s oddly comforting.


Graphics card gave up on life. Not the end of the world, but replacing it still takes money that I could have used for something else.


pretty sure the reason is he admitted to tolerating Rape, not dressing up as a Furry… but we know which one would get the headlines.


I feel like that might have been unclearly and even provocatively written. I would assume that the list where tolerance for rape was about his preferences in erotic roleplay, or just in smut stories or other such kind of fictional masturbation material, probably filled with anthropomorphic animals.


My upstairs neighbor is either on hour two of the most tepid display of a lack of sexual prowess ever mustered, or is aggressively taking a crash course in dance at one in the fucking morning.

Either way I want to fucking sleep, and I’m sure their partner does too. e_e


I always found in those situations to either join in, making super exaggerated sounds, or to start cheering them on.




This is hilarious in a weird sad way.


Bought Metroid: Samus Returns on the eShop forgetting I preordered it on Amqzon. Anyone want the cartridge version? It guess I could return it to Amazon.


Give it to Rym and review?


I was doing my homework about disclosures on stigmatized property for my real estate law class. In real estate certain things have to be disclosed to a buyer about a property, usually things that would have an impact on the health of an occupant, so things like defective Chinese drywall or if a house was used as a meth lab. Other things are not required to be disclosed if they are not material to the condition of a house, such as if a murder or suicide happened there or if a house is reputed to be haunted, and those things are often covered by law that even if those things are not disclosed the seller can’t be held liable for any damages arising from not disclosing them, because by nature they cannot cause direct harm. (On an amusing side note, the law uses very careful language to describe a haunting without speaking to the existence of the supernatural.) Often one of the things that a seller could not be held liable for not disclosing is whether or not the occupant had HIV. This was the law in Virginia… until this past March. That part of the bill was amended and the language regarding HIV was removed.

tl:dr My stupid state made it so ignorant assholes can file a lawsuit against you if have HIV and sell your house and didn’t tell the buyer and “damages” arise from that non-disclosure.

My only solace is that all it really means is that even though the buyer is not automatically prevented from filing a suit, it doesn’t mean they automatically win if they do.