Fail of Your Day


It’s been something like 5 or 6 years since I took Systems Programming, and I still have a fairly sincere fuck you for you on that. I would have been one of those people you left in that lab, quietly muttering curses and trying to figure out how to make a Y combinator as you casually submitted and left.


If it’s any comfort, I learned almost nothing. My fingers did almost all the work. I have never beaten a Zachtronics game, although I do enjoy them.


Honestly, not really. I’m about 100% sure I’ve devoted 10 minutes total thought to assembly since that class ended. So the fact that we learned nothing is kinda par for the course.


Add me to the list of “started promising and then discovered that I’m actually a shitty student.” No ragrets, except maybe I could’ve slacked more strategically.

Gainfully employed. I even have land and shit. Land!


Yes indeed. IIRC you tried way way harder than we did.


I did well at the start and end of my college career. I went to a really boring but good school my first year and did nothing but homework and study. Then my next couple years I kinda just goofed around mostly because I thought the stuff being taught was interesting but ultimately kinda lame. Then my last year which was purely all the good CS classes I went back to doing well.


Yeah, my grades too continually slipped every kind of school I want up. I was an A+ student in grade school, an A student in middle school, and a C Student in High School. Even failed math a year. The school would still have advanced to the next year (in austria high school is organized by year, not by course) because all my other other grades were fine, but I actually went and corrected my grade to a C by performing well in the re-exam at the end of summer. Also made Matura (austrian equivalent of A-Level exam or high school diploma) with “outstanding success”.

And then it took me ten semester to get my bachelor in computer science because I was extremely lazy and just couldn’t get the hang of integrals and differentials in my math courses. It’s usually set for six semesters. Oh well, done is better than perfect.

Just hang in there.


I put a ton of effort into my non-IT classes, but phoned in my IT classes.


It’s interesting comparing undergrad, where your grades generally don’t matter, and just the diploma does, to law school, where grades DEFINITELY mattered. From getting onto journals, to applying for internships and jobs mid-semester and during the summer, grades were HUGELY important.

That being said, I think it also depends on which law school you went to. Someone who went to Harvard Law and had a shitty GPA will probably get a job over someone who went to Syracuse University and was on Dean’s List all three years, but not always. A lot of opportunities in law school come from clerking for judges, and they’re much more likely to dive deep into someone’s resume and GPA than a random law firm or government agency. I know a lot of government jobs require you to have a law school GPA above a certain number or be in a certain percentage of your graduating class.

I’m not sure about medical school or other “professional degrees.”


People did make a big deal about how I graduated with honors, and I’ve been asked to prove my GPA even long after I entered the private sector.

IBM required a 3.4 or they wouldn’t have hired me.


Also, if you want to get an advanced degree after college or university, you better have good grades or kick the shit out of whatever test you have to take. I know a couple people who had shitty grades in college but did amazing on the MCAT or LSAT, but even then, during their interviews, they had to explain why there was a difference.


This is pretty similar to what I did. I spent a lot of time trying to do well in like biology and history, and then just kinda coasted through CS classes (until the more specific classes like networking, systems, concurrency, etc). But some classes I just didn’t give a fuck about doing a good job. Like we had one class that was called like “software development” where the biggest project was writing like a 30 page spec on a concept.

No one except government does this shit, in fact there are software methodologies that specifically go against writing large specs. In fact my internship, which being an engineering firm closely related to technologies used in maintaining electrical grids and working with government contracts sometimes, the engineers kinda trained me against writing those type of specs.


I’m speaking from second hand knowledge of the medical field having a close friend who is now a doctor, but it sounded like your job market was literally dictated by one test you take towards the end of your school career. Do bad on that test and you’ll only be allowed to work in general family care. On one hand I’m kinda glad that it’s so restrictive, but on the other hand it sounds like one of the most stressful experiences ever.


Yeah, it kind of reminds me of when I was teaching English in Japan and I was shocked to see all these middleschool kids with graying hair. Eventually I realized that the way the Japanese school system is set up, you’re basically asking these 14-15 year olds to take a test that’s going to determine the rest of their lives, depending on which high school they go to, and whether they go to college afterwards. No wonder they had gray hair from all the stress and studying they were doing!


I am too far along in my pregnancy to wear most of my casual clothes, but I really don’t want to spend money on clothes I will only wear until January. Even looking at used maternity wear, I am balking at any expenditure. If only I was taller/had a more regal bearing so I could pull off wearing some gorgeous kaftans. Sadly, little potato people, like me, just can’t get away with that look.



All toga, all the time.


The new Death Note movie.


The best part is when QWOP races against the Hunchback of Notre Dame.



Sorry, I couldn’t resist…


Honest to god the stupidity I am seeing on all corners of the internet over the NK missile is driving me insane. Some dumb ass put up on reddit what to do if the bombs fall. Just Christ. How stupid are you. There are far more important things to worry about then some crap missile that fell apart. Interestingly enough all my Japanese friends are entirely ambivalent, its the weeby flighty fuckers that are getting all sandy.