Fail of your Boo-Yah (and vica-versa)


Booyah: I set out to do my longest run ever at 3.75 miles, but instead I kept going for 4.5. Physically I just felt like I could run forever. Second wind is amazing.

Fail: Had a mini anxiety attack part way through and started worrying that I would collapse or pass out randomly.

Booyah: I don’t know whether exercise will directly help with the anxiety but regardless the experience of powering through it is probably exactly what I need.


Sounds good! First, if you’re starting running now, get yourself onto tracking your runs in kilometres, not miles.

Personally, if I feel like I’ve started a 5km run too quickly, I dread that I won’t make it to the end. If I give up or slow down massively before 3.5km, I just head home. But if I reach 3.5km, I know I can push through to the end. I feel like having a goal of a set distance in certain time is what works best, not running until I’m too tired or, god forbid, injured. The best thing is, as I get better, the exercise takes less time, not more, compared to those aiming for longer distances.

Training and general fitness are well known (proven) to help with anxiety, but I have seen it become so much of a coping mechanism that it becomes an obsession. And, as I’ve seen this in my own family members with mental health issues, I feel I have to consciously guard myself against it. As soon as I start to think “Maybe I should start training for a marathon…” STOP! I do not need that in my brain.


Boo-yah: Right before I moved in the apartment above mine suffered a broken pipe which also of course affected me. After a months of hemming and hawing with the damage recovery company and various insurance companies waiting to give clearance, finally the ceiling in my bedroom is getting painted.

Fail 1: We discovered that some mold had regrown in the corner which I hadn’t noticed as they were hiding in the stripes left from beams for the wood-panel drop ceiling which was installed before I moved in and before water damage was noticed. It has since been removed.

Fail 2: The chloride used for removal of mold also means that my apartment now smells like a swimming pool.

Fail 3: The painters had to fill in a number of holes left from the screws by the a fore mentioned drop-ceiling as well as holes drilled for the tubes of the ventilation turbine which previously was used to dry the ceiling. Since this plaster also has to dry first it means the the actual painting of my bedroom won’t commence until tomorrow.

Fail 4: As my bedroom is currently not inhabitable and my mattress is stuffed into my closet, I get to sleep in the couch tonight.


Fail; picked up some stupid throat thing that has me coughing up blood like a Victorian orphan.

Fail 2; Was taking some kindergarteners to lunch. One of them stops to look at a picture. He’s a pretty quiet kid and very friendly. So I come up and gently tell him its time to go to lunch. We chat a little bit then he holds out his hand for me. So he grasps like two of my shrek fingers and off we go. Make it about five steps for me, two miles of him, and he stops. Ok cool he does this sometimes no worries. I’m about to get him going again when he just winds up and sucker punches me right in the knackers. I go down like a sack of potatoes. All he says to me, in the voice of an angle totally oblivious “Are you having a good day?”.

Booh-yah; made some more solid plans with Gimli for the coming 2-3 years.

Booh-yah 2; sent of my short story to my beta readers and have so far got good replies so far. Hopefully I can start submitting it soon.


Okay but when I was in Japan I learned to watch little kids’ hands at all times because for some reason the kancho and the nutshot are like the peak of entertainment for kindergarten to third-ish grade boys.


Oh trust me every other kid I’m fine with. This boy is a bit more placid and has never done this before. I made the mistake of trusting.


An acute angle or an obtuse one?


The company I used to work for has gone into a deathspiral. When I worked there its share price was 100x what it is now.

I bet it’s an awful place to work now. I wonder where all my old colleagues ended up?