Fail of your Boo-Yah (and vica-versa)


Awww yeah, at the garden and it cleans up nice for Billy Joel

Fail. The garden doesn’t sell jerseys right now because I’m not at a hockey game.


Win: Minor operation complete.

Fail: My balls hurt.


Boo-yah: Rental company has a site now so we can pay rent online.
Fail: 3.5% convenience fee.


Boo Ya: new 32" Monitor/TV that will allow a project to seriously kick ass.

Fail: Having to redo my entire wiring and desk setup to add the new components.


Fail: My Pixel 2 dropped from my coffee table to the floor, a grand total of a foot, and now the screen won’t turn on

Booyah: Phone still responds to voice commands!

Fail: Closest repair place is 110 miles away

Booyah: I’m actually going to be in that town (Victor) this weekend for easter!


I put in notice at my job today that I’ve had for 9-10 years. I don’t know if it is fail or boo-yah. I have no short term reason to leave. This job is so good. If anyone knows Linux/Python/Django and wants a job in NYC, you can take it. I think that old man Scott just doesn’t want to look back and see that he sat at one desk and did the same thing his whole life. If the new job is fail, I’ll be coming right back.


Any details on the new job you’d like to share? Or are you saving it for the show? I want to hear about the job that had better pay and less work than your old one.


It has slightly better pay and slightly less work doing pretty much the same thing in the same city. I couldn’t find any jobs that were offering significantly more pay or significantly less work. It feels like a good time to make some changes.

Like I said, Scott now doesn’t actually want to quit. I’m doing it for old man Scott so he can have at least slightly fewer regrets.


No matter what you do, good luck.


Because I need a physical activity that doesn’t bore me to tears I decided to get back into playing Rock Band drums. Now the drum kits sold just for the game are just kind of crap. I have an old, cheap-ass MIDI drum kit but that is basically falling apart. I’ve been playing on it for the past couple of weeks but 1) I want to improve playing, trying to start the “pro-mode” drum sets, and 2) that kit produces a ton of ghost-notes, activating pads that I didn’t play.

So today I went out and bought a one-year old, slightly used Roland TD-1KV V-drums kit. It looks great. Only problem is that the output it has us USB instead of MIDI, so now I got home and came up empty trying to connect it to the XBox. I had now to order two additional cables from Amazon (a USB-A to USB-B, and a USB to MIDI) and I’ll have to run the whole setup with a big ol daisy chain through my computer.


I have a confession to make: I am 32 years old, and I still live in my parents house. This is probably very weird to a lot of you, but where I live this isn’t that uncommon, particularly with a house built by the grandparents. There was also a time where my mother and my step-father used to live somewhere else primarily when they were managing a pub, and I was alone at home with my grandmother, who unfortunately passed away 10 years ago.

It’s also not like I am a parasite, as I try to contribute at home (mowing the lawn, shoveling snow in the winter) and also pay about 400€ per month as quasi-rent, for which I also get dinner 3-5 times a week and the laundry. Works fine for having two rooms to myself.

The thing is though, we are selling the house. My mother is still dealing with debts she was saddled with from her first husband whom she divorced 20 years ago, which she has never really been talking about to me, and the house is slowly getting worse and worse with a ton of things that should be fixed but we never really had that much money to do. However, our neighbor has asked if we were willing to sell the property as he has been looking for a house for his sister-in-law and he runs a small construction company.

This means I have to move and will finally be, for the first time on my own. And boy, I am feeling all the feels right now at home alone. I am nervous, sentimental, scared, but also a bit excited for new opportunities and chose my living space. I mean, I understand that I will manage it somehow. It’s not like I’m the very first person to ever move out from their family. But I can’t deny that this is an emotional time for me.


Fail: prodnisone steroids are fucking me up something fierce (withing expected symptoms of course)

Boo-yah: they are doing wonders for my unrelated Tennis Elbow. 8D


I was steeped in conservation science and activism in college then dropped it when I graduated. I avoided thinking about it for years because a) I couldn’t get a job doing it and b) it was emotionally exhausting. The ongoing ecological crisis is so far off our culture’s radar that it’s been easy to ignore. Global warming doesn’t even begin to cover it. The shit Scott Pruitt rolled back at the EPA doesn’t begin to cover it. Our whole economic system is horrificly stupid from an ecological perspective.

But I’m gonna stop ignoring it!

Short term I’m submitting an application to volunteer at the Nature Conservancy, hopefully collecting data in the field 'cause that’s my jam. Long term I plan to study ecological economics and ecopsycology so I can help foster reslient communities and keep the global system I know and love alive. I’m telling all of you this so I’ll be more likely to commit. Wish me luck!


Good luck Evan!


Boo-Yah A cat that left the house when I went to PAX was missing for several days, thankfully he is a little scared when I heard him locked in the basement and was able to get him out and in the house

Fail: The rest of the house wanted to have the cat dead D:


Fail: Moving costs a lot, particularly when you have to buy a bunch of furniture, kitchen utensils, cutlery and dishes.

Fail: Shortly before I moved the appartment above mine had some water damage which had to be fixed.

Boo-Yah: Due to this water damage I got the rent slashed, basically living rent-free for a month and a half, alleviating some of the money trouble.

Fail: I still looked at my bank account last week and was a bit aghast as it was at about +/-0. Thankfully not negative, and part of this is because I lent my mother about 2000€ a couple of months ago which I am getting paid back soon-ish, but still. This has lead to me selling a good chunk of my Magic the gathering collection, though all of them cards that I wasn’t actively using and were sitting in my binder or in old decks I wasn’t playing.

Boo-Yah: In the past week I’ve sold about 1000€ worth of Magic cards. About half of this to a local shop which slung my right back up into black numbers on my bank account.

Fail: The other half of the cards I sold via an online platform. Unfortunately the largest of these orders was received with the content of the letter gone (or so the recipient tells me). Thankfully I insured the letter when I sent it, but this is definitely something that doesn’t make me happy.


Fail: I lost my phone a bit ago, and it was only 2 or 3 months old.

Booyah: Amazon happened to have a warehouse deal for the same at a significant discount.

Fail: After Amazon took a week just to ship it out, I finally get my replacement phone. The screen is fine but the previous owner unlocked the bootloader, which apparently wipes the DRM keys and prevents it from saving photos (just a solid green screen). It should have been obvious something was wrong, because whenever you turn the phone on it says “your phone has been unlocked and cannot be trusted”.


Return that shit.


Oh, I contacted them instantly. It’s still obnoxious though. Literally all they had to do was turn it on and look at it to tl there was a problem.


From my experience, they do not test Warehouse Deals at all. At the company I work for, we’ve gotten calls about sound bars dead out of the box and replaced then for the customer