I didn’t know about the subdomain trick with Reddit.




I too picked up the Yung Bae tiquetoes. I hope I will be able to take time to actually make it. Going to be busy busy time.


I went to see Sunmi at Town Hall. Her singing was ok, she said she had a cold. Whatever. The dancing and stage was WOW. Very powerful performance. She definitely gave it everything.

She doesn’t have that many songs as a soloist. She performed her two biggest hits twice each. Didn’t do any Wonder Girls songs, which was sad, but did perform her two older solo songs from when she was still with JYP (24 hours and Full Moon). She also did a couple covers of old pop songs from ‘70s and ‘80s that I didn’t recognize. Gotta do what you gotta do with a small discography.

The one problem at this show was when she stopped between groups of songs to talk, it became a shit show. She couldn’t control the audience or ignore them. The people behind the scenes were using the monitors to prompt her to stop talking, move things along, and sing the next song. As soon as the music started she instantly became a completely different person.

Half the crowd were screaming teenage fans eeee. The other half were fabulous LGBT people who turned out big time. Mix in a few randos like me here and there and you’ve got a fun time.

Overall, a mixed bag. Wouldn’t run out to see her if she came back again, but wouldn’t shy away from it either.