Civilization V GMR Game


Which game are you talking about? :-p


Heh. The one where I’m Maya and Lisa is Babylon. If that’s not the game you all were talking about in the last few posts, I’m the confused one.


Oh gotcha just wanted to make sure I wasn’t confused :-p


I’m going to be away from Monday to Friday, without Civ V, so if you all could take your turns slowly maybe I won’t have a turn skipped :-p


I’m away this week, and while I thought I’d be able to take my turns it looks like that will not be the case. If we can turn on vacation mode for the games I’m in I’d appreciate it.


Nooo, my turn is next and I just made a big move. Take just one turn then go on vacation. Just one more turn!


I believe the turn timer is off in all the games I’m still in.


Timer is already off for the two games I’m in.


Turn timer is still on in the old game from what I can see, not sure who can suspend it, I can’t.


Well poop I thought it was off when I took my turn. I can’t turn it off either.


The AI can continue to step on my lands. Like I told Scott, I’m a lame duck, this was just a matter of time.


Make peace with the AI, it’s your only hope!


You know, I did that once in a hotseat game of Alpha Centauri back in high school. I feel like I’m honor bound to accept my whomping right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly don’t know how to turn it off if I’m not in the game anymore.


I return.

It looks like I actually have “ownership” of the game Rym got eliminated from now, or at least I can modify the turn timer on the GMR site. But since I couldn’t log into steam, I couldn’t get into the GMR site either.

I’ll see what the AI did when my turn comes round again but unless it was incredibly stupid and got many units killed or something it should be fine.


So the first game is now in a state where, (apparently) because Lisa and Scott were skipped, I cannot eliminate Pence without it becoming a single player game. So Egypt must remain less free than I would otherwise prefer.



Alex wins!



Civilization VI has “Play by Cloud” now, y’all! They finally put in a feature people have been hacking together on their own for 7 years.