Civilization V GMR Game


Just got a response to try again, it should be working


How did none of the other players contact them? Are we the only people still using GMR?


There was a few people commenting on their facebook page. But they didnt recieve a response. I got a response by old fashion emailing them lol


There are a lot of active games. There are even public games starting that anyone with an account can join.


Which is why I’m surprised nobody contacted them about this problem earlier. I was suggesting it was abandoned by the people running it, not by the players.


Has no one attempted to submit their turn since it’s been fixed? ;-p


It is fixed. I just took a turn in the Patreon game. I will be taking turns in my other games today.


GMR seems not only stable, but much better performing.

I’ll give it a week or two just in case, then re-enable turn timers across the board.


Damn I hadn’t seen the Byzantium/Ottoman game in a while, had to remember what I was doing.


Same. I think I continued what I was doing, and as long as you continue what you were doing, we are good. :wink:


the 8 player game is a mess, Alex and James warring on one side of me and two AI’s (Andrew and Georges) to the other. You have room on your continent :-p


You overestimate the size of our continent.

Our brief war ended in… mutual despair.


Hey now, I accept that the Ethiopia-Maya war no longer serves any purpose. Warmongering James keeps rejecting my appeals for peace though.


Well that’s a new one.

My turn in “8 player extravaganza” (where I’m Byzantium) and “… and the Turn-Takers” (where I’m Shoshone) were ready to go. I loaded the Shoshone game, took my turn, saved it, and submitted.

I think it submitted to either BOTH or the WRONG game, because when I downloaded the Byzantium save, I was now taking Mr. Roar’s turn immediately following mine in the OTHER game I just submitted. I have reverted the Byzantium game in an attempt to fix it (also feel free to revert if the Shoshone game is messed up).


Oh I have no problems with anyone on the continent, it’s just crowded and possibly hostile :-p


Whatever weird thing happened, it seems to have resolved itself.


Well, I didn’t start the fight :wink:

Was going to be actually taking my turn right away but it seems GMR is down returning 503 status for the moment.


I don’t have any problems with anyone on my continent either. :slight_smile:


And it’s back again.


In fact, I see that you are so trouble-free you’ve sent your armies to our continent. Hope nothing bad happens while they’re away.