Booh yah! Show me your moves!


It’s not anything big, but I’m particularly proud of this gag. I’d normally embed, but it removes some of the context, and I particularly like the construction of it.


I drove 42 hours (round trip) to hang out in southern Illinois for a few days and watch the moon get in the way of a perfectly good suntan day!



Awe some.


The last couple of years, Anime Los Angeles (my “home” convention where I debut all of my flagship panels) has been inviting me out as an industry guest. This includes hotel, green room, and per diem; their thanks for giving them as good much content as I do, they say.
This year, I’ve been invited, not as an industry guest, but as the Fan Guest of Honor.



I just accepted an offer to go permanent at my current company.


Aaaaaaaaaay good shit homie! Just got a promotion offer myself, and most importantly I just got my time off for MAGfest approved.


New job, I’m really pumped up about it! I get to work for a nonprofit I actually am invested in and it pays well. \o/


I kinda just realized something about my life.

If you told 16 year old me that I’d go to Richard Epcar’s house, that Les and Mary Claypool would buy me dinner, that I’d stand in the same recording booth that Ghost in the Shell was recorded in, and that Lia Sargent would give me her number to make sure we hung out together, I’D HAVE CALLED YOU A FUCKING LIAR.

Somehow, I have managed to find myself in good relations with anime royalty. Boo. Yah.


I thought you were referring to primus’ Les Claypool. Your Claypool is still cool, but way less funkier.


He hands out ribbons at ALA that say “I don’t play bass” on it. It’s kinda hilarious.


Today marks 15 years of federal service. Holy shit. I’ve been working for VA for that long.

I started as a lowly GS4 and now a GS11. I look back and I’m already ahead of where my mom was at the VA at my age. And she was a GS13 when she retired I her 60s. I love what I do. I feel I have a made a real difference for both veterans (getting disability compensation) and fellow VA employees (training to be better employees). While my job has plenty of BULLSHIT, the job satisfaction/pay/benefits easily make it up. (Also I still don’t have a college degree. I am one credit shy of an AA and DGAF.)

I now earn 8 hours of annual leave with my 4 hours sick leave a pay period (2 weeks).

I could take 2 days off a month if I really wanted to. Also I get to build my leave to where I can always carry over 240 hours to the next year. It’s going to be disgusting.

I am so fortunate and grateful to be given all the opportunities that came to me from VA, but also earned them from working hard.


Harris is asleep on my chest.





I just had my first dose of estrogen and testosterone blocker.




I passed my Shodan (basically first-degree black belt) test for the US Federation of Battodo! It’s a big step, but it’s also only the first of many (now I need to focus on the next set of kata for my ZNTIR Shodan test in August).

Here’s some pictures of kata:



And cutting:


That’s an O face right there…

Also that piece of wood will never threaten your honor again.



My kickstarter funded in six and a half hours?


Finished work for spring vacation. Also new years party tomorrow with my gym. Will be introducing pork scratching. I’m sure it will end well, and this is in no way related to making me eat cuttlefish. Have a week of house cleaning and chores then off to Osaka with Gimli. Going to gorge myself on takoyaki.