Booh yah! Show me your moves!


I got ESXi running on the computer I got from Scott and now I have a Palo Alto enterprise firewall VM running my whole house.


Had a blast at my gyms New Years party. Got thoroughly shit housed and won a tablet at bingo.


WE’ll have to talk about this sometime, I have been interested in learning more about Palo Alto firewalls :slight_smile:


This reply doubles as my Boo-yah. My team came in 4th at the Regional CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition)!

@GeorgePatches @cremlian
As for Palo Alto, they were a sponsor so we had to use them in the competition. All I’m going to say is that you definitely want to stay up to date. The Red Team walked into that thing like it was a door even on the up to date version of PANOS 7. Definitely go to at least 8.06-h3.


I’m playing with the shiny new 8.1.0. :sunglasses:

The competition sounds like a lot of fun.


Nice. Yeah it was super stressful but fun and I learned a lot. Also pretty good validation that I’m in the right field as I was the only person in the competition to keep one of the red team guys out.


When you’re done with college, let me know if you’re interested in the exciting world of government cyber defense. :wink:


After waiting on the virtual line for 8 hours and 42 minutes, I have successfully purchased 4 tickets to Hamilton at the Kennedy Center!


I keep seeing Hamilton tickets in my area but they’re all for places that are selling only group ticket (10-20 people) or for season ticket holders! I’m really tempted !


Yes. These theaters that aren’t in NYC make all their money from season subscribers. When Hamilton started traveling they decided to make a season package required. Just like when GameStop and Best Buy make a new video game console only available in a bundle with crap you don’t want.


Three more days, then my first non-con, traveling vacation in a long time!


I finished my paralegal certificate program and my final grades came in, 3.75 GPA! Now for the terrifying prospect of finding work with zero relevant experience to put on my resume. :anguished:


I made my first person ragequit a reddit thread! (I mostly lurk there)


Finally got an interview! Hopefully this will go well!


Since I have to move I was looking for an apartment. Saw one this morning in the most popular Craigs-list type of website in austria. Visited late in the afternoon and its fantastic, comes with a kitchen including dishwasher and stove, a walk-in wardrobe, parking space out front, the cellar space that comes with it is furnished with a bunch of closets so you can store stuff without dust getting in too much, and it fits perfectly into my price range. I thought about it and talked it over with a close friend right after, then immediately called back asking for a draft of the rental agreement.


Hope we don’t see a post next week about a cockroach infestation. Good luck!


Thank you, but the place seemed extremely clean. Also I can’t move in until August 1st anyway.

I’ll document everything before moving there just to ensure myself about how things look before I move in, and will probably post the images here for the before and after when I complete the move and have my stuff set up.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I didn’t have to go through a real estate agent, which also saves me a bunch of money compared to other apartments I was looking at.


I get to start summer vacation tomorrow night! I’m not looking forward to hauling my bike on a busy summer Chinese train, but at least it’s not a traditional holiday. Once that’s done with, I’ve got ~6 weeks to bum around Hokkaido and Tohoku on said bike, and probably a bit around Nagoya/Gifu and Osaka to visit friends.


I am out of Japan till the 4th of August but if your in Gifu/Nagoya give me a shout and we can grab a beer.


I’ll probably be down that way around the 20th, so that sounds like a plan. We could even go haul stones up the mountain if it’s in time for that festival.