Booh yah! Show me your moves!


I had a phone interview with a big multinational corporate law firm and it went extremely well. I’m supposed to hear back about an in person interview today or tomorrow and I’m really excited, hopefully this is the real beginning of my new career.


Seven years in the making, my former band’s second album is finally done and available for all to hear. I’ve been listening to the album constantly for weeks, partly because I helped make it, but also partly because I think there’s some great stuff here.

If y’all want to give it a listen, great, we’d appreciate it. If you want to sample with one song, I’d recommend Kindness.

Also available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, etc. if you don’t have Spotify.


I got my FAA flight medical restored! I’m legally allowed back into the cockpit now. Woot!


Day 3 of not smoking. Gets easier with each minute. Usually.