Booh yah! Show me your moves!

I had a phone interview with a big multinational corporate law firm and it went extremely well. I’m supposed to hear back about an in person interview today or tomorrow and I’m really excited, hopefully this is the real beginning of my new career.


Seven years in the making, my former band’s second album is finally done and available for all to hear. I’ve been listening to the album constantly for weeks, partly because I helped make it, but also partly because I think there’s some great stuff here.

If y’all want to give it a listen, great, we’d appreciate it. If you want to sample with one song, I’d recommend Kindness.

Also available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, etc. if you don’t have Spotify.

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I got my FAA flight medical restored! I’m legally allowed back into the cockpit now. Woot!


Day 3 of not smoking. Gets easier with each minute. Usually.


Just started estrogen!


Good luck. No idea on what the effects of taking it are going to be like, especially at first as your body adjust to it, but hopefully nothing too rough happens.

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Finished my final exam to become a German citizen! And everything else is in place and confirmed. Now I just wait two weeks for the final word.


Is there a cool ceremony?

Not sure. The citizenship person/officer said she has the authority to just do it, but I’m not sure if that means she will lead the ceremony or if I just turn up at her office and she signs some papers for me.

I kinda want to join in a group singing the national anthem.

EDIT: also, to be clear, by doing all this pre-Brexit means I get to keep my British citizenship and become a dual citizen. Weirdly I’ll be both 100% British and 100% German, which I think is a pretty sweet deal.

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That is a good deal. Also relevant that I saw this the other day:

The most Canadian citizenship ceremony ever.

So here’s a roleplaying game I made. Designed it to get some use out of the piles of MtG cards I have collecting dust. Have run 3 sessions so far with my friends and things are going swimmingly. Since this is literally impossible to monetize, I figured someone here might enjoy.

Walking the Multiverse

I have been thinking it’s possible to play a variant of AutoChess with M:tG cards. It won’t be as good as a brand new tabletop game, though.

Restaurant week in Boston means Capital Grille for lunch!

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My games for UK Games Expo at the start of June have all sold out nearly 7 weeks before the con. Last year Inheritance sold it’s first ticket 2 weeks before the con and I had to fall back on the Viking reenactors to fill the game up. I’m really happy with that. :slight_smile: I can still use the Viking reenactors if there are any no-shows.

Not only did Patrick Stickles read and RT my article on his album, but critically acclaimed writer Ryan H Walsh is in the replies to this tweet, so clearly he read it too.


Went in for a summer job interview for a general SpEd and/or tutor position at a residential facility for kids with special needs.

Instead of getting one of those positions, the principal introduced me to the art teacher and the tech/woodshop teacher, gave me a tour, and offered me an art teacher position for the summer!

Nailed it!


I have an interview to be a paralegal with our State Corporation Commission and if I get it it’s a 30% raise, state benefits and a real career. Holy shit I am nervous but excited.


Made it out of my bracket for Tekken 7 at my very first EVO. With any luck I’ll survive long enough to make it on stream.