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Fifteen characters of “!”


It depends quite a bit on where you’ll be working. Some areas are awful to commute to from certain other areas. E.g., commuting between Queens and Brooklyn is a nightmare. Brooklyn is better to get downtown, Queens for Midtown/uptown. Jersey is hell and should be avoided at all cost (but is closer to downtown).

LIC is the hotness. That’s where we live. Granted, that’s where Amazon is going, so YMMV.

Astoria ain’t bad, but you are reliant on the NW subway lines to get anywhere. That’s where Scott lives.

Further out along the 7 train (e.g, Sunnyside) is nice, but you’re reliant on the (usually pretty reliable) 7 train.

Greenpoint is getting nice, but you have to bike/walk over the Pulaski bridge to get to a subway, and it has higher cancer rates due to old oil spills. I’d consider living there as I get older, but not today or if I planned to have kids at any point.

Anything along the L train is going to be a shithshow for a few years. L is getting shut down for massive repairs, and there’s no other way to get into Manhattan reasonably.

Upper Manhatten (Harlem, Inwood) is starting to get real nice.

Roosevelt Island is kind of weird and isolated, but it has nice apartments and is in the river between Queens and Manhatten. It has that tramway, plus the F train and a bridge into Queens by us.

Don’t even consider Staten Island.


BOO. But we will have to hang out before you leave.

Congrats though!


I assume you mean NYC specifically, since there’s a WHOLE GODDAMN STATE NAMED NEW YORK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway congrats! Welcome to the party!


New York is a state?


New York is best described as the state of being irritated at every aspect of existence, but still enjoying where you are in life.


@thewhaleshark Yes, I do specifically mean NYC. As a computer guy, that’s the easy place to get work.

@Rym My office is pretty close to yours, just a few blocks from Grand Central, so Queens definitely makes a lot of sense and we’ve been looking at that. One recruiter I met with also recommended the Upper East Side as being convenient and not ridiculously expensive.

@Rochelle For sure we need to get together soon.


Upper East Side will get real nice in the next few years as they finish the new T subway on 2nd Ave.

LIC, Astoria, Sunnyside are your best bets. Queens is for cool kids.


I get a surprise week off next week before exams, which is nice, but it would have been nice to know sooner.


Finished my second short story about an hour ago. Still needs to go through about sixty versions of edits and beta readers but feel pretty good about it.

Edit; Gimli did ask that I could write some more cheerful stuff after the last one…didn’t work out quite so well.


I’m really proud of the class that just finished finished finals for one of my oral English classes (not the one from before). Not just because their English improved over the semester, but because several of them grew a lot as people and trusted me enough to share that with me. One in particular stood out.

After we talked about relationships in all their myriad manifestations, she told me that she had always felt “wrong” because she had never been attracted to a guy. I said that maybe she hadn’t met the right guy or that maybe guys might not be for her, and she should take her time time to figure out who she was and who she liked.

Yesterday, she told me that she had found someone she thought she liked, but was scared to tell them…until that girl told her that she felt the same way. She hasn’t told her friends or family yet because she’s afraid of what they might think (rural China is very against “non-standard” relationships), but she wanted to tell me because I’d encouraged her. I’m super happy that not only did she find someone, but that she felt comfortable sharing with me.

I’m very happy to be leaving China forever, but I’ve been very touched by my students’ farewells and that I had such a strong impact on a student’s life.


Well it’s opening night of the play. Wish me luck!


What play? The wig looks 1776-y.


It’s Treasure Island but as a traditional British pantomime. I’m playing Squire Trelawny and his main shtick is being very into humourously named cakes like Dorset Knob, Bedfordshire Clanger and good ol’ Spotted Dick.


Following up on the prior “got a job in NYC” news, just got news that we have been approved for a sweet apartment in Astoria. Gonna start furnishing it when I start work next week, but official move won’t happen until sometime in February.



I think I was looking at that apartment building. Next to the high school near the grocery and the diner?


Next to the high school yes. Don’t remember the grocery or diner, but it’s Broadway and 14th. It’s a really nice building, though still needs some time to get to its final form.


That’s the one.


Just submitted my first short story for publication. 99% certain it will be rejected but still!


I accidentally booked a couple’s suite for my last night in China and it is fantastic! Only ~$50, too! It even has a bath!